Local news for San Antonio reported on a fatal truck accident involving a driver getting rear ended on Interstate Highway 10 and a suspect who fled the area.

Trucker drives into the rear of a vehicle then leaves the scene

At approximately 5 am, police started getting emergency calls about a driver who had been struck from behind in the eastbound lanes on I-10 near the Dominion area. Several minutes later, they found that a large 18 wheeler vehicle was likely the cause. 

The driver of the Ford Fiesta that was rear ended was not wearing a seatbelt when the vehicle was struck by the front of the 18 wheeler truck, causing massive damage. An investigator with the San Antonio Public Safety department confirmed the victim’s death shortly after arriving. 

The truck driver had initially fled the scene, but was later found at a nearby shopping center. They saw part of the victim’s vehicle and other debris still stuck to the body of the truck. Police believe that the driver at fault had parked the truck at the intersections of Bowie and Crockett Streets, then left the area on foot. Police plan to review all surveillance footage nearby to identify the driver. Another passenger was found in the parked truck, but he claimed to have been asleep during the entire incident. 

Law enforcement will conduct a full investigation to determine exactly what happened and press charges if necessary. 

Truck crash lawsuits

If you are the victim of a truck driver in Texas, it is important to get legal help and a basic understanding of the process related to civil cases. If a driver has violated any laws or traffic regulations, that will be handled by the government. Your lawyer will bring the civil case on your behalf to cover financial losses and force the trucking company to pay for them. This is important because accidents can sometimes cause thousands or millions of dollars worth of damage, which most victims cannot afford. 

Accidents that cause death

When someone dies in a crash, they can file a case against the person responsible by using the Texas wrongful death statute. While each state has slightly different rules, these civil cases allow a victim’s family members to make the person responsible pay for medical expenses, funeral and burial services, and non-economic damages tied to emotional pain and suffering. Because the person can no longer work or provide for their family, there may be a large portion of damages related to lost future income and wages. 

Get help from a local truck accident lawyer

An attorney who handles motor vehicle crashes and civil cases in San Antonio can speak with you about bringing a case against the person responsible and other remedies. To get immediate help, use the directory on USAttorneys.com to find a lawyer in your area. 

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