Nevada City, CA- When a car rear-ends a tractor-trailer, there’s a high likelihood of that car sliding under the rear of the truck, often leaving the victims with serious injuries. Because the risk of sliding under a tractor-trailer is so great, many commercial trucks are required to have rear underride guards. Now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is pushing for stronger underride guards on the nation’s fleet of commercial trucks.

Underride guards are those metal bars that extend below the rear of a large trucks are intended to keep cars from sliding underneath a truck and protects victims from severe head injuries and sometimes decapitation. But, under current standards, these underride guards are only required to withstand an impact of 30 mph. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would like to change that by calling for stronger rear underride guards which can withstand a 35 mph impact according to Insurance Journal.

A previous study from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety found that a vehicle is more likely to slide under the rear of a tractor-trailer if rear-end impact occurs either to the left or right of the center of an underride guard. If a weak or failing underride guard is employed, the windshield of the passenger car, leading to more serious and potentially deadly injuries.

The IIHS, after two separate studies, believe that stronger rear underride guards and requiring side underride guards could save hundreds of lives. That is why the institute has been lobbying federal agencies to change regulations in regards to underride guards.

In a statement, Mark Rosekind, administrator of the NHTSA, said, “Robust trailer rear-impact guards can significantly reduce the risk of death or injury to vehicle occupants in the event of a crash into the rear of a trailer or semitrailer.” He added, according to Insurance Journal, “We’re always looking at ways to safeguard the motoring public, and today’s announcement moves us forward in our mission.”

The NHTSA estimates that 93 percent of the nation’s commercial trucks already meet the new requirements, therefore the new requirements won’t be a major economic issue for carriers. This sentiment was echoed by the American Trucking Association.

In a statement, ATA spokesman Sean McNally said, “While we believe the best underride guard is still the one that doesn’t need to be used, ATA is optimistic this proposal will be a step forward for highway safety.”

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