St. Clair County, IL- Over the past several months in Illinois there have been two high-profile truck accidents—one killed five people and the other left one dead– that grabbed national headlines and put a spotlight on the trucking safety. While a number of issues have been raised such as fatigued driving and speeding, there is one aspect of trucking safety that has been overlooked. And that is driver training, something safety advocates would like to change.

Citing the nearly two decades officials have had to come up truck driver training requirements, safety advocates and the Teamsters Union filed a lawsuit against the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, urging them to finally tackle the issue, the New York Times reported.

Currently, the training requirements for truck drivers is minimal. Drivers must do a road test and spend roughly 10 hours in a classroom. Once they pass the test and are issued their commercial driver’s license they can hit the highways. Carriers, or trucking companies, may require additional training for drivers, but there is no federal mandate and therefore no consistency. This gives unscrupulous carriers the leeway to cut corners and put inexperienced drivers on the road.

That fact, safety advocates say, is causing a rise in the annual number of injurious and deadly truck accidents while passenger vehicle accidents are on the decline according to the Times.

But driving a commercial truck that can weigh up to 40 tons is not like driving a passenger; it’s vastly different and much more dangerous. According to data from the NHTSA, truck accidents are twice as likely to result in fatality than so it’s of utmost importance that drivers are have more than adequate training; they need to have excellent training.

Training is important with any occupation and it is especially important and when it is a matter of safety for so many people, it’s doubly important. In addition to being more fatal, truck accidents cause more injuries that tend to be more severe, and consequently more costly. Truck accident victims often face tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, property repair costs and can miss days, weeks and even months of work.

Since truck accidents often result in serious injuries and involve multiple parties, the victims face a number of challenges when they pursue the at-fault driver for compensation. A successful truck accident suit depends on the victim’s ability to prove who was at fault and to what degree. These victims also need someone help them determine the true costs of their injuries and how large a settlement they will need to take care of their immediate and long-term care needs. For this they must enlist an Illinois truck accident attorney to work on their claim.

A truck accident can be devastating and the road to justice can be difficult for the victim. The representation of an Illinois truck accident is necessary if a victim wants to get the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to.