Truck accidents often cause more severe injuries than accidents involving other vehicles because of the sheer size and weight of the trucks when compared to passenger cars. As such California has strict laws in place to try and reduce the number of truck accidents in the state and these laws are formulated in Sacramento itself because it is the capital.

Huge Safety Concerns

These laws include lower blood alcohol limits for drivers of commercial vehicles and strict rules on how many hours a truck driver can work per week, continuously, and without sleep. These laws aim to reduce driver impairment and fatigue and are necessary because many truck drivers and their employers work under pressure to meet schedules.

Until computers drive these large trucks which is right around the corner, these are the laws we must put in place.

If you have an accident with truck driver in the capital of California you will need a Sacramento truck accident lawyer to help you escape out of this jam or help you merit the restitution you deserve. If you are holding a legal hot potato of a case, you need to use this site: to secure that precious legal help.

Under California laws a truck driver must not start a driving shift without at least 10 hours of uninterrupted rest. At this point they can start a 14 hour shift. Of this 14 hours they can only drive for 11 hours. Even during these 11 hours the truck driver must not drive without a break, that is, at a stretch for more than 8 hours. These regulations are in place to ensure that driver fatigue does not cause truck accidents.

Impact on Accident Victims

When a person has been injured in a truck accident, they need to first focus on obtaining medical attention. They should also collect all the evidence possible, such as the license number of the truck and the name of the driver. In addition, it is important to file a case against the truck driver and their employer as soon as possible. This is where you need the legal guidance of a Sacramento truck accident attorney.

While according to the law the accident victim has up to two years to file a case for compensation, it is better to do so quickly since this will enable the lawyers to obtain documents and other proof about the working hours of the driver. For instance, to determine the number of hours the truck driver had been behind the wheel, the lawyers will look at documents maintained by the trucking company as well as the cell phone records of the driver.

Determining Liability

When it comes to truck accidents, the liability can be fixed on the truck driver, the trucking company, and the contractor. This is because employers are held liable for the negligent acts of their employees when the employees are performing their duty. The employer can also be held liable if the truck was not properly maintained or was overloaded. If there is a defect in the truck then the manufacturer or mechanic responsible for its maintenance can be held liable.

Claiming Compensation

When a person has been injured in a truck accident they need to file for compensation from the various liable parties. During this time, it is best to retain the services of a Sacramento truck accident lawyer who can assess the evidence and the medical expenses. The economy in Sacramento is nothing special and California is in the same mess so there are less trucks on the road than there could be but there are still trucks on the road moving freight and merchandise.

There are still accidents. Even worker’s compensation could come into the picture. This is why this site is so valuable, among many other reasons. Here it is:

Your Sacramento truck accident lawyer will be able to negotiate a better compensation from the insurance company or file a case in court on behalf of the victim. The victim should refuse to speak about the accident to the insurance company representatives or other family members until the compensation is collected to ensure that the case is not misrepresented.