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The AT&T techie was working on a home in the Sweetwater subdivision in southwest Travis County when tragically a dump truck which tipped over crashed on top of him and killed him.

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The deceased victim has been identified as 46 year old David Jur from Elgin. According to investigators who are attempting to ascertain the exact cause of the truck accident, the truck was unloading dirt at the time when it toppled over on top of the AT&T tech. It happened at a few minutes past 2 in the afternoon. Supposedly, Elgin was standing just next to the truck.

The back of the truck had extended in order to allow for the dirt to slide down and out of it when for some reason the center of gravity got shifted suddenly, making the truck become unstable before it lost balance and fell onto one side.

Jur passed away on the scene and the dump truck driver suffered nonlife threatening injuries for which he was transported to a hospital where he received treatment. The truck accident is still under investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The investigation report and any other evidence will help establish liability, if any, and other legal issues say fantastic truck accident lawyers in Austin, TX.

Train and pick-up truck collide together in Elgin

A vehicle accident occurred between a pickup truck and a moving train on Sunday morning, but thankfully, the driver of the pickup truck escaped from the truck accident without any serious injuries, according to

The auto accident occurred at the main street crossing say authorities representing the Elgin Police Department. The train was headed in an easterly direction when it rammed into a single cab pickup truck and dragged it along the railway track for several meters.

Police confirm that the train crossing warning light was on at the time of the auto accident and the train was also sounding its horn, but for some reason the driver of the pickup still attempted to cross the railway crossing and got t-boned by the train. Not too smart! Playing chicken with a moving train is not that smart at all!

The driver suffered some minor injuries but refused treatment for the same. Authorities confirm that there were no crossing arms at the intersection. The police report and any investigation by the rail authorities will help establish any insurance and other legal related matters according to Texas truck accident attorneys.

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