Distracted Truck DriverPortland, OR- If you had the power to prevent nearly 4,000 truck accident deaths in the U.S. each year, would you use that power? Would you employ available technology to prevent thousands from suffering catastrophic injuries due to truck accidents? Most people would say “Yes” to those questions. Yet, trucking safety advocates say crash avoidance technology is not being utilized by the trucking industry and are they urging the National Traffic Safety Administration to make these technologies mandatory.

A coalition of four advocacy groups, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, the Truck Safety Coalition, the Center for Auto Safety and Road Safe America recently sent a petition to the NHTSA, asking they begin the rulemaking process for requiring American trucks employ to F-cam systems.

F-cam systems can detect a collision and will alert a driver they are at risk of crashing with an object in front of them. If they don’t begin braking, these systems will “automatically apply the brakes,” thereby reducing the subsequent impact of a collision, safety advocates say.  F-cam systems can be a useful tools when a truck driver is fatigued or distracted.

In their press release, the coalition of safety advocates noted, “Only 3% of the more than 3 million standard tractor-trailers (Class 8) on the road today are equipped with some form of this technology.”

Since they see first-hand the devastation caused by a truck accident, our Oregon truck accident attorneys believe these technologies should be embraced by the NHTSA and the trucking industry.

Beginning the rulemaking process, doesn’t mean that these crash avoidance technologies would become mandatory anytime in the near future. There are other life-saving technologies approved by the trucking industry that the NHTSA hasn’t even moved on.

Speaking with Heavy Duty Trucking, American Trucking Association’s Vice President of Public Affairs said that the NHTSA hasn’t yet taken action on his agency’s request to make speed regulators mandatory for the trucking industry. These speed governors, which limit a driver’s speed at a maximum of 65 mph, McNally says, would curtail and reduce the “severity of crashes.” It’s a proven technology would make the roads safer for all motorists yet the federal agency hasn’t even began the rulemaking process, the first step in developing federal trucking regulations.

It’s a shame, the NHTSA has not taken steps to increase the safety of truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists. It’s also a shame the trucking industry has to be forced to employ technologies that would save the lives of their drivers and other motorists. Sure it may be costly to include crash prevention technologies in commercial trucks, but truck accident settlements are also very costly.

Truck accidents are twice more likely to result in death than car accidents and cause survivors more severe injuries. These victims need someone to stand up for their rights and make certain the parties responsible for their anguish pay. When you have a Portland truck accident attorney on your team, you know they won’t rest until you receive an optimal settlement.