While most drivers would agree that they would much rather save a few extra minutes in their travel time than having a longer commute, the fact is, when we try to accomplish this, we often put ourselves and others at risk. Trying to save time generally means you are speeding or swerving in and around traffic while trying to avoid slower moving motorists. But is the risk really worth saving just a few more minutes of your time? Sure, you might be late to an appointment or your child might miss the first school bell, but trying to shorten your travel time when circumstances just don’t permit it could cost you your life or that of your child’s.

While some drivers may not be willing to take the risk, one truck driver in Broward County, FL was. And that brings us to the story that highlights the details of this encounter and something you should never consider doing.


Truck Driver Takes on Brightline Train, One of the Fastest Moving Trains in Florida


With four people having already been killed by the Brightline train that operates in South Florida, it is safe to say pedestrians and motorists should keep an adequate distance from the tracks at all times, especially when the crossing gates have dropped and the whistles are blaring. While this is common sense for most, not everyone uses these things as signs to take precaution. Rather, one trucker decided to risk his life when attempting to out-run the train.

When individuals speed and swerve in and out of traffic just to save some time in their commute, they increase the chance of a serious accident occurring.

Geoff West, a driver who witnessed what could have been a fatal truck accident involving a train, had his dashboard video camera rolling when a fellow driver who was waiting at the railroad crossing next to him decided he no longer wanted to wait. The Miami Herald reported that the driver weaved around the crossing gate and sped through. Just seconds later, the Brightline train came roaring by at high speeds.

Rather than wait those few seconds, the driver likely became impatient and decided to take the risk rather than wait like all the other drivers. Although this driver was fortunate enough to avoid an accident, one that would have likely ended with someone being killed, many others aren’t so lucky. Majority of truck accidents, especially those that involve semi’s and tractor trailers, tend to be rather serious and cause a great deal of harm.

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