When a car strikes the rear of a tractor-trailer, there is a danger of sliding underneath and suffering serious injuries.

Flagler, FL- Typically, when we think of truck accidents, we think of them running into other cars. While that happens often enough, there are many deadly or injurious trucking accidents caused by motorists rear-ending large trucks.

Rear-End Truck Crashes

When sharing the road with a tractor-trailer, motorists need to drive with caution. Tailgating is one activity motorists should avoid at all costs. Following a truck too closely can have tragic consequences, especially if that vehicle is forced to stop suddenly. If a driver rear-ends a tractor-trailer, they are in danger of sliding under the truck and suffering a head injury, or worse, decapitation.

When it comes to rear-end crashes, there is an assumption that the driver who rear-ends a vehicle is automatically at fault, but that is not true for all accidents. A truck driver may be liable for a rear-end crash under the following circumstances:

Falling asleep at the wheel-Fatigue was a factor in 13 percent of fatal truck accidents in 2015, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Truck drivers who fall asleep can run off the road or drift into oncoming traffic, but there is also a danger of driver falling asleep at a traffic light or a construction zone. Other motorists may not realize that a truck has failed to resume travel and crash into the rear of a stopped semi, tanker or another large commercial vehicle.

Poorly designed or failing underride guards-Underride guards are the bars you see hanging from the rear of tractor-trailers. Underride guards are supposed to prevent a car from sliding underneath the back of a large truck, but they often fail, are ineffective or missing entirely. In a 2011 study, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety found that even at slow speeds of 35 mph, underride guards on many tractor-trailers fail.

Unsafe lane change or failure to yield- Sometimes passenger vehicle motorists rear-end large trucks because they pull over into their lane and a motorist doesn’t have time to slow or stop. Pulling out in front of fast-moving traffic is another scenario in which a truck driver might be liable for a rear-end crash.

How to Safely Ride Behind a Commercial Truck

Motorists should avoid coming too close to the rear of a large commercial truck and leave at least a couple of car lengths between their car and a truck’s rear. Motorists also need to be sure they can see the driver in their side mirrors; if not, a trucker cannot see the vehicle behind them. Remember always to keep a safe distance from trucks and stay out of its blind spots.

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Consult with a Truck Accident Immediately

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