Rhode Island man driving a military vehicle is responsible for injuries and one death

A military truck that weighs several tons was involved in a multiple vehicle crash where one man died

Large military truck collides with two other vehicles in the span of a few seconds

The incident happened on U.S. Route 44 in Smithfield, Rhode Island at about 1:30 pm on a Monday afternoon and involved three vehicles. One of the vehicles involved was a decommissioned military truck that weighs five tons. Police believe that a man who was driving this truck initially rear ended one other car. Then, as the truck was drifting onto the other side of the road after this first impact, it collided with a car going the opposite direction on the road. 

A 68 year old male from Watertown, Massachusetts was identified as one of the victims. A 70 year old woman who was a passenger in his car also needed to be taken to a nearby hospital in Rhode Island to be treated for injuries. Another woman from Connecticut was also injured during the crash. No information was given about the condition of the man who was driving the truck. Police planned to conduct a full investigation before releasing any further details. 

Lawsuits against the government and military

If this truck was driven by a government employee working for the military or any other agency, it is still possible to bring a case against them. There are various procedures for bringing a case against the military in federal court that are different from regular civil lawsuits. Because this action can sometimes include an additional administrative process as well as the typical procedures for a civil case, it is important to discuss the possibilities with your attorney. However, you should be aware that an injured party should not simply give up because they may have to bring a case against the federal or state government. 

Determining damages in an accident case

The amount of money used to pay for medical treatment and other losses, called damages, is almost always relative to the severity of the accident. In a situation like the news story above, the victim’s family members may be able to sue for a fairly large amount of money due to the fact that the accident was fatal. Other cases that include only property damage or minor injuries will normally have a much smaller value. Serious injuries and deadly cases will compensate victims for things like future lost income and non-economic damages for emotional trauma and suffering. 

Speak with a local truck accident lawyer

There are truck crash attorneys in Rhode Island who can provide various kinds of advice related to helping truck victims get payment for their injuries and other kinds of help. To find a professional in your area, use the listings on USAttorneys.com

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