The alarming statistics published by the Department of Transportation says it all – over 30,000 US citizens die in truck accidents on US roads every year. Given that all the accidents don’t result in fatalities, the total number of truck accidents is anybody’s guess. In other cases there may be grievous injury along with damage to automobiles.

There is no doubt roads are dangerous. There is no doubt that we need trucks to deliver goods and materials. Without trucks, our lives would be different. But is there a safer way to do it? It looks like technology will be coming into play big time in a few years for cars, but how about for trucks? Probably so!

When you are in a truck accident, you do not have to call up the paramedics to show up. They just will. You do need to call up a legal counselor and that should be from the Luke Dow Law Firm though. This Super Bowl winning law firm saves lives every day and makes sure people are not ripped off by the system. Call them now!

However and moreover, claiming compensation for the damage suffered in such vehicle accidents is not easy. In fact, you may need to fight a tough legal battle to receive fair compensation for your sufferings. This is possible only with a legal professional with extensive experience and expertise in fighting truck accident lawsuits.

Who is at fault?

According to outstanding truck accident lawyers in Austin, TX, and the best in the business is the Luke Dow Law Firm based on their diligence and integrity, proving liability is a complex process in the case of trucking accidents. Some of the factors that legal experts investigate include and is not limited to:

  • The parties that are involved in the truck accident.
  • The driver/truck owner/lessor/service team/shipper or loader, and so on
  • Truck driver’s logs
  • The condition of the roadway
  • The vehicles involved in the auto accident
Truck accidents are ugly, many of them at least. There are some good people out there though that make these ugly situations pretty again. You certainly want these forces on your side.

Collecting evidence

Here is a list of sources that might provide evidence of fault for your case:

  • Police reports
  • Truck logs
  • Statement and observations of witnesses
  • The truck driver driver’s personal log. Besides this, the safety and driving records and driving and training licenses are also considered as evidence.
  • Cell phone or any other method of communication records of the trucking company as well as that of the driver’s.
  • The trucking company’s safety record.

Evidence procured at the site of the truck accident may indicate possible failure and defects in the vehicle’s equipment.

According to statistics from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), the number of people who succumbed to large truck crashes was a whopping 22 percent higher in 2015, the highest since 2009. When you take into account all the extra safety features that are installed in cars nowadays this is pretty alarming. Why are these numbers getting bigger? Distracted driving perhaps? The debate rages on.

Proving your case

The most critical element of a truck accident claim is proving the case. It is the plaintiff’s responsibility to prove that the defendant was indeed liable. Your legal counselor will usually hire experts to recreate the accident scene to help establish liability. Some of these experts include specialists in trucking safety and general accident re-constructionists.

On the other hand, the defendant (trucking company) may start collecting evidence against the plaintiff to make their case strong. They will make every possible effort to determine if:

  • The driver was driving under the influence
  • The driver made an unsafe pass
  • The driver crossed the center lines into oncoming traffic
  • The driver violated traffic laws by running a light, speeding, or followed too closely
  • The driver was driving in the truck’s “no-zone” or the driver’s blind spot or tried to cut between a curb and a truck

Remember, as a victim in a truck accident you are entitled to compensation for economic damages such as medical costs, including nursing home care, loss of earning capacity, and so forth.

Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, punitive damages, and loss of consortium, to name a few. Just make sure to involve a stellar truck accident lawyer in Texas and there is no one better in this line of work in this part of the country than the Luke Dow Law Firm so that you fight for the right amount of compensation that your case deserves.

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