Approximately 5 percent of semi-truck wrecks are rear-end crashes, and many are the result of tailgating.

North Platte, NE- Driving a commercial truck takes skill and drivers need to make safety their main priority. Unfortunately, some truck drivers have a lapse in judgment and take actions that put themselves and other motorists in danger such as following too closely.

Tractor-trailer Was Following Too Closely

KNOP News 2 reports that on July 11, 2017, a tractor-trailer rear-ended an SUV attempting to make a left turn on Highway 30 in North Platte. The crash occurred around 5:00 p.m. in the eastbound lanes.

Two people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Police told KNOP News that the tractor-trailer was following too closely at the time of the crash.

Following too closely or tailgating is a common problem on the road and serves as the catalyst for fatal crashes across Nebraska.

Following Too Closely and Rear-end Crashes

No one was seriously injured or killed in the accident discussed above. That’s fortunate, but many rear-end collision result in severe or fatal injuries. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data from the Large Truck Causation Study shows that approximately 5 percent of truck accidents are caused by a truck driver who is following too closely.

Many drivers tailgate, but it is an especially dangerous practice in a large commercial truck or bus. The FMCSA recommends a truck driver or motorist leave at least one second for every 10 feet of vehicle length between them and a leading vehicle if they are traveling at 40 mph. If a truck driver is going faster, they need to leave a longer distance between them and the leading vehicle.

If road conditions are poor due to rain, snow, sleet, fog or other adverse weather conditions, truck drivers need to leave even longer distances to stop. In bad weather, the FMCSA recommends a commercial truck traveling 55 mph leave at least 196 feet in front.

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