Driving a commercial truck is not like driving a car. There are special laws for truck drivers and truck driving businesses. On top of this, there are trucking rules that mandate how many hours at a stretch a driver can operate a vehicle, what type of logs they should maintain, and so forth.

For example, these rules limit the number of hours a driver can operate a truck per week to 70 hours and the number of hours driving per day to 11 hours. Therefore, truck accident cases pose some unique challenges and issues which you will need to carefully consider when you file and work on your truck accident claim or lawsuit.

Liable parties

According to Providence, RI truck accident lawyers one of the most common issues which people face with regards to truck accident lawsuits is that they fail to list all the liable parties and because of this they pay the price of not receiving adequate compensation that they rightfully deserve.  

Sometimes Mother Nature is not kind to trucks either but this could have been human error too. If you have been hit by a truck driver you need legal assistance. This is not the most important thing in your life but it is much more important than thinking about how much the Patriots cheat every season to win games. USAttorneys.com is where you need to head too. This website has saved lives and was designed to help people in need. Any questions? Contact us. We will get back to you shortly.

When it comes to car accidents, the liable parties are the negligent driver and/or the auto insurer – it is pretty simple. However, unlike car accidents, when it comes to truck accidents, there may be (and typically are) multiple liable parties.

Liable parties include, but are not limited to the truck driver, the truck owner, the truck lessor, the truck manufacturer, truck service engineers or service organizations/companies, and so on. It may be challenging to determine who the liable parties are in your case and so it helps to talk to a legal professional in order to receive help with this.

If you fail to list one or more of the liable parties as defendants in a truck accident lawsuit that you file, then despite proving the claims and winning the lawsuit, you will not receive full compensation and may only get a fraction of what you actually deserve.

This is where attention to detail comes into play. It is like one of those long division problems that perhaps you had to do in the third grade. If you make a mistake in the beginning your final result will be wrong. That was not good then and it is not good in this truck lawsuit scenario. At least then you could to back and rework the problem, in this case you only get one shot and it will cost you perhaps thousands and thousands of dollars.

With legal help, your life can be easier.

Evidence and testimony from the scene of the accident

As many as 68% of fatal truck accidents have occurred in rural areas, 66% during the day, and 78% of the time on weekdays.

A lot of evidence is readily available at the accident site right after the accident itself. It is critical that the victim is aware of this fact and that he or she collects all of the necessary evidence which will help tremendously in proving the lawsuit at a later stage if litigation ensues.

Evidence which may be collected at the scene of the accident includes:

  • Photographs of the debris
  • Registration plate details of all vehicles involved
  • Names, phone numbers, and other relevant personal details of all the persons involved
  • Badge numbers of responding law enforcement officers
  • Testimony or statements made by any of the persons involved in the accident
  • Peoples’ attitude/demeanor

In addition, it is critical to not make any self-incriminating statements during this time and actually refer all questions to your legal representative or attorney that you can find via USAttorneys.com. If you have mobile Internet, you can begin this search while waiting for the pickup truck and so on. With this site, legal help is right around the virtual corner.

An out of court settlement

It is likely that a truck accident insurance adjustor will approach you and offer an amount to settle the case. Typically, you should negotiate and ensure that the amount you receive as a settlement, if you choose to accept one, is fair.

Talk to a salient and awesome Rhode Island truck accident lawyer today. Your legal team will be in the best position to make sure you get what you deserve.