A commercial truck accident is most often more disastrous than a car accident or any other accident involving a smaller vehicle. An average, fully loaded truck like a dump truck or big rig weighs more than 25 times a typical car. Owing to this huge weight difference, most commercial truck accidents involving other motor vehicles can cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

If you happen to get involved in a commercial truck accident in Tennessee, you could be entitled to recover adequate compensation for all your injuries. For this you will need to file a legal claim against all parties responsible, which can be best accomplished with the help of a resolute Memphis, TN truck accident lawyer specialized in trucking laws who has integrity and confidence.

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The Exclusive Perils of Commercial Truck Accidents

Recent studies have revealed that truck drivers are more careful than car drivers. However, truck accidents cause a shockingly large number of fatalities and injuries. These accidents might not be the fault of truck drivers alone, but can be caused by the negligence of other drivers or unanticipated road dangers. Apart from these, truck accidents can be even more serious depending on the freight the trucks carry.

Prove Your Case

Negligence is the chief cause in most accidents involving vehicle accidents. Therefore, anyone injured in a truck accident must prove negligence preferably with the help of a Tennessee truck accident attorney.

A defendant such as the driver, trucking company, leasing company, or shipper, must exercise a reasonable measure of care in order to prevent potential injury to others. A defendant who fails to provide reasonable care, or “breaches” his duty of reasonable care, can be proven to be the cause of injuries sustained by the plaintiff.

Potential Defendants

If you read up on what Memphis, Tennessee truck accident lawyers are saying, to claim compensation for the injuries sustained in any truck accident, the plaintiff must identify several potential defendants who might not be limited to the truck driver alone. In fact a lot of trucking companies, employers, contractors, as well as insurance companies might be legally liable to recompense for your injuries. The potential legal responsibility of employers, trucking companies as well as contractors, is a crucial element in evaluating recovery via insurance coverage, since these entities have separate policies.


If any individual is involved in any truck accident in which the truck driver himself was at fault, he or she might be entitled to potential damages, such as financial compensation for emotional, physical, and financial losses caused by the accident.

Commercial truck accidents in general are liable to end up in severe physical injury and/or property damage. If you or any of your loved ones are involved in a truck accident, you must receive the necessary medical care first. The next step is to get your claim reviewed by a suitable and fine Tennessee truck accident lawyer right away.

Many legal representatives offer a free initial consultation to assess your claim. This helps safeguard your rights without having to worry about the cost for legal assistance. You are not paid until they are paid. They do not settle any lawsuit until you OK it. You never really have to pay them since the law firm just keeps a percentage of the final settlement amount or verdict when everything is said and done.

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