Trucks that are of certain dimensions and weight, which includes most commercial rigs, are subjected not to the state’s auto laws or traffic laws, but instead to exclusive state specific trucking laws which are extensive and also to federal trucking laws which were drafted by the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration (FMSCA).

The reason trucks, truck drivers, and trucking operations in general are subjected to such laws is because of the fact that trucks are large and heavy vehicles that can attain substantial speeds and are thus capable of causing catastrophic accidents that can leave multiple parties as victims in its wake.

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Since trucking accidents are subjected to these specialized laws, the steps involved in a truck accident lawsuit are also going to differ from those in an accident lawsuit. According to fabulous truck accident lawyers from Providence, RI, the way that truck accident lawsuits work are as follows:


In the majority of trucking lawsuits, most efforts and time is dedicated towards the process of discovery. This is the initial stage of litigation where in the parties involved exchange information and documentation which relates to the accident. Discovery generally can include written questions that need to be answered under oath, request for relevant documentation, requests for admission, and depositions.

Resolution of the civil truck accident lawsuit

Rhode Island truck accident attorneys point out that the parties can come to a middle ground amongst themselves without any judicial intervention by the means of a settlement outside of court or even mediation. Additionally, the parties could also agree to binding intervention. If they are not able to reach a settlement then the case will likely go to trial.

When it comes to settlements, Providence, RI truck accident lawyers caution that accident insurance adjustors may offer a settlement which is only a fraction of what you could actually get for the case or claim if you were to take it court. Therefore, it is vital that you talk to a legal counselor and get an accurate evaluation of what your claim is worth.

When you understand the worth of your claim you will have a reference point which will help make sure that you receive a fair and balanced settlement during negotiations. It is also a wise idea to have your legal representative be present and represent you during settlement negotiations.

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