Fatigue, mechanical failure, and speeding are three of the leading causes of truck accidents in New York.

Queens County, NY- As with a car accident, a commercial truck accident can have various causes. While it is true that most truck accidents are caused by passenger vehicle motorists, there are actions truck drivers or trucking companies take that can lead to a catastrophic accident.

Truck accident statistics

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that there were 3,978 fatal truck and bus accidents in 2014.

The FMCSA also states: “There was a 33-percent decrease in the number of fatal crashes involving large trucks or buses between 2004 and 2009, followed by an increase of 20 percent between 2009 and 2013.”


Speeding is a common cause of fatal traffic accidents overall. According to the FMCSA’s Fatal Causation Study, speeding causes one in four fatal truck crashes. The faster a truck is going, the longer it takes to stop and makes the impact of a crash greater.

Fatigued Driving

Another leading cause of truck accidents is fatigued driving, partly to due to the long hours drivers spend on the road.  The FMCSA found in their Fatal Causation Study found that fatigue and drowsiness contributed to 13 percent of fatal truck accidents. In too many cases, truck drivers don’t realize they are tired and shouldn’t be driving.

In in 2014, there were over 400,000 truck accidents according to the FMCSA.

Mechanical Failure

The third top cause of fatal truck accidents in New York and the U.S. is mechanical failure. According to the FMCS, 55 percent of trucks involved in deadly or injurious crashes had a mechanical issue, and 30 percent of trucks had an issue that should have taken that truck out of service. Even though federal regulations require truck drivers and trucking companies conduct regular inspections and repairs, but most of the time these parties aren’t diligent about taking care of their vehicles and a horrible crash is the ultimate result.

Speak with an attorney

After your collision, your first step should be to set up a consultation with a truck accident lawyer in Queens County, New York to explore what options you have got compensation for your emotional and financial damages. You can count on our team to work hard on your claim and ensure the compensation you receive is fair and cover all your accident-related expenses. We have an excellent team of personal injury lawyers near you, who will strive to get you the best settlement possible. Our team of professionals knows how to investigate, gather evidence and know what questions to ask to ensure you have a strong case. Call and set up a consultation with one of our team, so your case is successful.

Speak with a truck wreck lawyer in New York soon after your truck accident, so you give your representative the time necessary to build a strong case.

Speak with a truck wreck lawyer in New York soon after your truck accident, so you give your representative the time necessary to build a strong case.