Thanksgiving is a time when families come together and reflect on all the wonderful things they have as well as the people in their life. It is a time where many are traveling long distances just to connect with relatives living farther away. If you are planning on traveling this Thanksgiving, while food, fun, and family might be on your mind, don’t forget about roadway safety. It is important you take the time to reflect on the different things you should do before traveling on the highway as you will be sharing the road with some pretty massive vehicles. There are about 5.6 million semi-trucks registered for use in the U.S. according to Popular Mechanics and many of these use the highway as their main route when transporting goods.

For this reason, we are sharing some tips to implement when it comes times for you to venture out on your Thanksgiving road trip.


Before your travels, be sure to:

Under-inflated tires are one of the reasons why semi-truck accidents occur.


  • Check your tires. It is important that all tires have the right amount of air in each. This amount differs by vehicle type so check what your PSI number is. That can usually be found on the inside of your car door.


  • Buckle up. Safety belts help prevent serious injuries when involved in an accident. Be sure your seatbelt and those of your passengers are secure. If you are traveling with an infant, check their seat buckle to ensure it is fastened tightly and that their seat is properly buckled.


  • Have all emergency numbers handy. Roadside assistance and other important phone numbers should all be logged into your cellphone before leaving on your trip.


During your trip, remember not to:


  • Avoid Speeding. Colorado highways have set speed limits for a reason and it is important everyone abides by this roadway rule and all others. Although most highway trips are smooth sailing, sometimes, traffic hour hits and things slow down. Semi-trucks and large commercial vehicles have a harder time slowing down and take much longer to do so. Therefore, don’t speed or assume traffic will continue to flow at a regular pace. It could come to a complete stop when you least expect it.


  • Remember to drive sober. Drunk driving accidents account for thousands of deaths each year. Just as everyone else should avoid driving drunk, so should you.


[Source: Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles].


Although an accident can happen with any type of vehicle, remember, semi-trucks generally travel on the highway as most are going long distances. So, it is especially important that you keep these tips in mind when sharing the roadway with a semi-truck or any other vehicle for that matter.

As excited and anxious as you might be for Thanksgiving, remember, accidents are more prone to occur during the holidays. Just a few days back, a Denver resident operating a passenger vehicle was killed in an accident involving a semi-truck [Source: Denver Post]. Rather than assume that it won’t happen to you, try and ease these safety tips into your trip so that you feel prepared and ready to take on this drive.


In the event you were recently involved in an accident with a semi-truck, let help you locate a nearby semi-truck accident attorney in Denver, CO who can help you.