Truck accidents can occur for various reasons, sometimes, it is the fault of the driver for not following the proper rules of the road, other times, it is the fault of the truck manufacturing company for not making a truck part the way they advertised.

Every truck needs to be maintained properly, more so than a regular smaller vehicle, because of the massive amount of harm that collisions with trucks usually cause. Severe injuries, severe amounts of property damage, and even deaths are common results of truck accidents, as was seen recently, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Yasin Said Mustafa who was only 27 at the time crashed into an oncoming dump truck and lost his life. Rescue workers and police officers were contacted right away to come to the scene of the collision, and he was pronounced dead at the site. Mustafa lost control of his vehicle as he suddenly swerved to avoid colliding with traffic as he headed west on Ellsworth Road. It was when he swerved that he was no longer able to manage his vehicle and he collided headfirst with a nearby dump truck.

Though Mustafa lost his life, the owner of the dump truck was much luckier.  The 55-year old truck driver did not suffer any injuries from the collision. The roads were closed for a few hours as investigations were carried out to determine what exactly caused the accident.

Taking precautions to prevent truck accidents in Ann Arbor, MI

There is always the risk of a person getting into an accident whenever they get behind the wheel, however certain precautions can be taken to decrease the chances of an accident taking place.

Anyone who intends on driving should make sure they follow the legal rules of the road and that they remain vigilant while they are driving. Any distractions such as phones should be put away.

Many individuals use their phones for navigation purposes and for looking up directions, but this can be highly distracting. A person should look at the map and try to memorize the route before heading out as the more focus a person has on the road, the greater their chances will be of having a safe trip.

When driving near trucks, individuals should always make sure to stay out of their blind spots and to remain a safe distance away at all times.

No matter how many precautions a person takes themselves, they cannot guarantee the driving competence of the other drivers who they share the road with, and sometimes it is the truck driver that loses control and is to blame for the accident. Anyone who gets into an accident with a truck should call a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to determine what legal steps must be undertaken for them to get properly compensated for their losses.


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