Getting hit by a truck while driving can be a very shocking situation to find oneself in. Truck accidents almost always lead to serious damage to a personal vehicle and also lead to serious personal injuries. If a person gets into an accident involving a truck, whether it was their fault or the fault of the driver, they should try their best to follow these steps in order to get through the situation safely.

1. Contact the police

The top concern of anyone involved in such a large accident should be to save every life possible and also to minimize the impact of every physical injury as much as possible. As soon as the accident occurs, a person should call the police and an ambulance and explain to them the severity of the situation.

2. Prioritize safety

While aid is on the way individuals need to make sure they move as far away from the accident site as possible, especially if there seems to be a risk of an explosion or if there is fire. Drivers should help everyone involved in the accident get out of their vehicles if it is safe to do so. If it seems like someone is stuck and the situation appears dangerous, they should wait for professional aid to arrive instead of risking their lives and possibly making the situation more difficult than it already is.

3. Take pictures of the scene

Once everyone is safely away from the scene of the accident, and all medical concerns have been addressed, a person should take pictures and videos of the scene as much as they are able to. This will be very useful as evidence when a person is claiming insurance or litigating against the party who is at fault.

4. Call your lawyer

The wisest step to take before taking any legal action is to contact an accident attorney in Dekalb County, GA. A legal professional will be able to help a person determine which party was at fault and will be able to help a person claim a sufficient amount of insurance or even escalate matters to a court trial if necessary.

It is important to note that when a person is communicating with the truck driver they should try saying as little as possible as any statement they make may be used against them later on when it comes to dealing with the legalities. A person should stick to just exchanging basic information with the other driver.

When it comes to accidents of such a large magnitude, the first thing on any drivers mind should be to get themselves, the other drivers involved, and all the passengers to a safe area and have them treated for any injuries they may have received. Once everyone is safe, they can proceed forward with taking pictures of the accident and calling their attorney for further advice on what legal steps need to be taken in order to receive financial compensation.