Businesses are always at risk for unforeseen losses, but a serious motor vehicle accident that affects a retail space is one of the worst things that can happen to an owner. 

A truck crashed into the storefront of a Rite Aid on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie, New York. 

Rite Aid wall collapses after truck hits the structure at a high speed

Video from the scene showed on large hole in the side wall of the store where the impact occurred. Police believe the 40 year old male suspect crashed his truck into another box truck that was parked in the lot, then into a wall of the store. Fire department crews and police were on the scene as the crash area was sectioned off with emergency tape. 

Police were in the process of interviewing the driver when the report was published, but no exact cause of the accident was given. One witness nearby claimed she was scared as she went to enter the store and saw the truck going full speed at the building. The Rite Aid store was expected to be closed at least one more entire day after the crash, even though the initial inspection by the Poughkeepsie Township Building Department declared the structure safe. 

No one was injured, but there were several shelves inside the store that were displaced and damaged due to the force of the crash. No estimate was given regarding how much money the business will lose due to the accident. 

When a business loses money due to a negligent truck driver

Because large trucks can be difficult to control, it is common for accidents to cost money for a business in the form of property repairs, or an inability to operate as normal and generate profits. 

All of these business losses can be factored as damages in a lawsuit after a truck collision. If the store cannot operate as normally following the crash, the owner can sue the trucking company for the losses related to projected revenue.  This is true for each day that the business must remain closed. This element is often referred to as damages in a negligence lawsuit, and it represents the hardship and problems that the plaintiff had to endure due to the defendant’s actions.  

Meeting with an attorney before filing a lawsuit

It is always advisable to talk with a lawyer before attempting to estimate the value of a lawsuit. Providing records related to property repairs and proof of damage can always be helpful, but your attorney should be able to give a more specific idea regarding the value of your case after a brief conversation. 

There are also some ways that a state’s negligence laws may affect your case which are not obvious and may only be discovered by an accident lawyer. For example, New York uses a pure comparative negligence standard that allows fault to be divided between everyone involved in an accident. When a plaintiff is found to be partially at fault, their award of damages will be reduced accordingly.  

Talk to a truck accident attorney in Poughkeepsie

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