While truck drivers need to be careful on the roads due to the dangers inherent in driving a large vehicle, sometimes drivers of smaller cars make mistakes that create serious losses. The format for lawsuits after most motor vehicle accidents is similar regardless of the type of vehicles involved, as the attorney will make the driver at fault pay for all of the losses they cause.

Interstate 64 in Portsmouth experienced significant delays after an accident involving a truck, a boat, and another car.

Truck driver gets hit from behind and their boat is destroyed

Virginia State Police responded to the scene at I-64 just past Fredericksburg Boulevard near the downtown tunnel. They believe the driver of a Hyundai Tiburon went into the back of a truck pulling a boat. Photos of the scene show lots of smoke and a fire in the area where the vehicles collided. The fire likely started when fuel from the boat ignited upon impact. There were only minor injuries at the scene, but police charged the driver of the Hyundai with reckless driving for causing the crash.

All traffic lanes on the interstate were shutdown immediately after the accident. The far right lanes were opened later to allow traffic to pass through.

Virginia’s negligence laws

Virginia has laws regarding negligent operation of a motor vehicle that are relevant to civil lawsuits in the Portsmouth area. A standard related to how a reasonable person would operate an automobile in the same situation is used to show that a driver breached their duty of care on the roads. After a breach of the relevant duty of care, the plaintiff’s lawyer must also show that the defendant was the proximate cause of the accident, the actual cause, and that the incident resulted in some kind of damages, usually property loss or medical injuries.

Contributory negligence

As a commonwealth, Virginia has still has some fairly old laws on the books compared to other states. One of these is called contributory negligence, which means that if a plaintiff if found to be even slightly at fault for an accident, they can recover nothing from a defendant. Most other states have replaced this rule over time with a doctrine called comparative negligence that allows fault to be divided between all parties involved, and they can still collect money relative to their level of fault in the accident. Because of this strict rule, it is important to only trust your case to the best personal injury lawyer.

Paying for a truck’s cargo

If another driver is responsible for destroying a truck’s cargo, they can be held responsible for the losses just like in any other car accident. This includes property damage such as the destroyed boat in the news story above. A personal injury lawyer can use evidence such as repair estimates or the cost of replacing the boat with a comparable new one to show the amount the defendant owes the plaintiff.

Find a local attorney in Virginia

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