Truckers face all kinds of hazards whether they are driving or transporting heavy materials. This means that their risk of being injured or hurt on the job is high. 

A truck driver working in Pompano Beach Florida was killed in a work related accident involving large, heavy pieces of steel.

Trucker is crushed by falling steel beams 

The incident began when the driver went to a local warehouse to pick up a load of steel beams. According to police with the Broward Sheriff’s Office, at some point during this transaction a number of the heavy steel beams landed on the worker and killed him. They believe that the victim was on the back of his truck checking to ensure his load was secured when several of the 40 foot long pieces of steel fell on top of him from above. One of the loads that was packed with a bundle of six beams seems to have gotten loose and caused many bundles to fall over. 

Fire rescue sent a technical crew with a crane to move the truck accident debris from the warehouse located on Northwest 12th Ave. A spokeswoman from the police department said the victim was buried under several tons of steel when they arrived at the scene and the beams needed to be removed one at a time to reach the deceased man’s body. The police were able to identify the body as a 71 year old male from Coral Springs. 

After the body was taken to the local medical examiner for an autopsy, officials with OSHA, the local police and fire departments all began to investigate the scene and get a better explanation regarding what happened. Their initial assumption is that the bundles of beams happened to become unsecured right as the worker was nearby and that no foul play was involved. 

Determining what caused the accident

It is likely that the police and fire departments will continue their investigation until an exact cause of death is found and they know why the steel suddenly became loose. 

If the business at the warehouse is found to be at fault for not securing the steel beams properly, they will owe the victim’s family various kinds of damages. This can include medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, future lost wages, and non-economic damages for the family’s emotional pain, suffering, and trauma. 

Fatal accident involving truck drivers

All accidents that cause the death of a person can result in a wrongful death lawsuit. This is a special type of civil case that lets certain family members who were financially dependent on the victim file a lawsuit on their behalf. 

The state of Florida has some specific rules related to wrongful death claims. The most important is a short statute of limitations. The case must be filed within 2 years of the day the victim died, which means that contacting a lawyer shortly after the accident is crucial. Only family members such as spouses, children, or others who were financially dependent on the victim can bring the case. 

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