A man was killed due to an accident with a tractor trailer in Pompano Beach Florida.  Over 500,000 truck accidents occur every year, of which 81% occur in multi-vehicle crash situations. Every 16 minutes a person is injured or killed from a truck accident.  The size of a truck causes more damage than that of a passenger-sized vehicle and is accounted for in formal settlements between parties.  Contact a personal injury attorney if you have been injured as a result of a truck accident and do not believe your insurance will be able to cover all of your damages.

Florida laws have requirements as follows:

Commercial Motor Vehicles; additional liability insurance required (Florida Statute 627.7415)  Florida Statute 627.7415 says:  “Commercial motor vehicles, as defined in s. 207.002(2) or s. 320.01, operated upon the roads and highways of this state shall be insured with the following minimum levels of combined bodily liability insurance and property damage liability insurance in addition to any other insurance requirements: Fifty Thousand Dollars per occurrence for a commercial motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 pounds or more, but less than 35,000 pounds; One Hundred Thousand dollars per occurrence for a commercial motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 35,000 pounds or more, but less than 44,000 pounds; Three Hundred Thousand dollars per occurrence for a commercial motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 44,000 pounds or more.  All commercial motor vehicles subject to regulations of the United States Department of Transportation, 49 C.F.R. part 387, subpart A, shall be insured in an amount equivalent to the minimum levels of financial responsibility as set forth in such regulations.”

Mandatory Insurance. State of Florida requirements are that motor vehicles must have current auto insurance coverage with a minimum requirement of $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 in property damage liability (PDL).

Bodily Injury Insurance. Certain trucks and commercial vehicles in the State of Florida must carry bodily injury liability coverage, which is additional protection against claims from others for personal injuries and death claims involving an accident with a truck. This extra insurance may be necessary if the truck is of a certain gross weight; has three or more axels, owned or driven by a governmental entity, is used for interstate versus intrastate travel and carries a load that may be considered hazardous.

No-Fault Car Insurance. The Florida No-Fault Law requires drivers to carry the PIP and this no-fault coverage pays the insured’s bills, regardless of fault, up to the limit of the $10,000.

Statute of Limitations. Florida has a two (2) year statute of limitations for wrongful death claims, and a (4) year statute of limitations for property damage and personal injury claims. In cases where the party at fault is a government agency representative, a claim must also be made within a three (3) year period to that agency.  Legal must be commenced before this time period expires. action

Pure comparative Negligence (51% Rule).  Florida follows the “pure comparative negligence rule” meaning that if you were responsible for any part of the activities that led to your injury, the compensation you will receive will be adjusted in accordance with that percentage of fault assigned to you.

Court awards. Compensation will be based upon a review of all injuries, liability insurance coverages, loss of income, medical bills, property damages to the vehicle, and percentage of fault.

Hire an attorney.

Call an accident attorney to assist in actions toward a proceeding to address damages and injuries sustained.

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