Overturned TruckPhiladelphia, PA- Police charged a truck driver in connection with a 2014 fatal Pennsylvania accident that left a highway worker dead.

On March 10th, police charged Efrain Jensen of New Jersey with homicide by vehicle and other accident-related charges after he turned himself in.

Jensen was driving a fully-loaded semi on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near West Pikeland on June 1, 2014 around 8 a.m. when he drifted into a work zone where he struck two men standing near a dump truck.

One of the men survived, but another, 61-year-old William F. McGuigan, was killed.

The criminal complaint states, according to the Daily Local, that Jensen was driving over the posted speed limit of 40 mph when he hit to the two workers. Jensen told police he swerved in the right lane to avoid hitting a passenger vehicle which prosecutors said he was following too closely. As he swerved into the work zone, Jensen first struck a utility trailer and an attenuating device before fatally striking McGuigan.  The other injured worker, Stephen Rudzik was hit by debris from the crash.

Weather conditions were good, and the road was dry and clear at the time of the accident, the criminal complaint notes, according to the Daily Local.

Lead prosecutor on the case Charles Gaza told reporters that Jensen expressed remorse for the accident and is cooperating with police. Gaza said impatience is the reason McGuigan lost his life.

Truck driver are under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines and sometimes that pressure causes them to take risks that put other motorists in danger such as speeding and following too closely. These two behaviors aren’t exclusive to truck drivers, but they pose a greater risk to other motorists because they are in command of a vehicle that can weigh up to 80,000 lbs.

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