Even when the cause of a motor vehicle accident is not entirely clear, it is still possible for the victims to file a lawsuit. The entity at fault can be made to pay for any expenses related to the accident.

A truck accident in Shaler Township just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania resulted in serious injuries to the two passengers inside.

Two people seriously hurt after truck goes off the road and over a hillside

The incident occurred at about 2 am on the 300 block of Mt. Royal Boulevard. A Dodge Ram pickup truck went off of the side of the road and over a hill near the street. Investigators on the scene said there appeared to be a broken guardrail in the area, but it is unclear what initially caused the vehicle to leave the road.

Two occupants inside the truck, one male and one female, needed to be transported to Allegheny Hospital to be treated for serious injuries. Mt. Royal Boulevard had to remain closed during the cleanup and investigation for several hours until it reopened at about 9 am that morning. The identity of the victims was not released and no charges have been filed.

What caused the accident?

The two could have been working late at night, there may have been problems with the road itself due to construction or maintenance in the area, there may have been inclement weather, or another vehicle could have hit the victims and left the scene. Regardless of the cause, the person or business that is found to be responsible can be made to pay for all of their injuries in a civil personal injury lawsuit.

It is not necessary for the state to file criminal charges against anyone. The victims can still file their own civil lawsuit regardless of whether any traffic citations are issued, or if charges are ever brought by the government. Civil lawsuits are also necessary to receive payment for injuries, rather than just punish the people responsible as in a criminal case. This is especially true after truck accidents, which tend to cause more severe injuries than incidents involving smaller cars or standard sized vehicles.

Responsibilities of the party at fault

The defendant in a civil lawsuit can face serious financial consequences if they are ordered by a judge to pay damages to a plaintiff at the conclusion of the case, or if both sides make a settlement agreement. This can include paying for medical bills, lost wages, emotional pain and suffering, property damage, and other problems associated with the accident. In serious accidents, these amounts may total thousands or millions of dollars. This is especially true if the victim requires permanent medical care, or cannot work as normal for several years and loses their annual income. These losses and expenses can be projected for years into the future and factored into the total amount of damages.

Get help from a local attorney after being injured in a truck accident

If you have been injured while working or hurt by someone else who was driving a truck, there is help available in the Pittsburgh metro area. Contact Scanlon and Wojton Attorneys at Law for specific guidance regarding a lawsuit and other matters related to your injuries.