The driver of a pickup truck was killed after he ploughed his truck into a commercial semitrailer on US highway 93 in the proximity of Moapa. As reported by, the victim has been identified by authorities as 41 year old Shaun Briley who hails from Elko. Briley is believed to have died of multiple injuries.

As per investigators who are looking into the auto accident, Briley was operating a black colored Dodge Ram pickup truck when he crashed into a semitrailer just a few miles south of state route 168. The truck accident occurred on US 93 as per the details in the police report.

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Soon after the truck accident, both the pickup truck and the semi-trailer went up in flames. The driver of the semi-trailer suffered serious injuries and burns and had to be airlifted to University Medical Center’s trauma unit. His condition is said to be serious, but he is expected to survive as the injuries are reportedly non-life threatening.

The accident is still under investigation. It is not known at this time whether alcohol was a causing factor in the truck accident. Prolific truck accident lawyers in Nevada, who can be gleamed off of the world class legal website that defies virtual gravity every day, point out that the investigation report will play a major role in establishing not only the cause of the accident but other legal issues such as liability and insurance.

Accident in Carson Valley Results in Death of a Minor

An accident which occurred back on Jan 17th has resulted in the death of a toddler. The accident site has been described in the police report as US 395 in Carson Valley as per the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Protecting children should be done at almost all costs and when something happens to that child that is terrible it is heart breaking. The person driving the Chevy pick up truck here could be in serious trouble. Driving too fast does not make sense. 

According to a report, the truck accident occurred on the north travelling lane of US 395 in the proximity of Johnson Lane which is situated just south of Carson City. As per the police report filed in connection with the accident, a white colored Chevrolet pickup truck which was towing a trailer was not able to stop and rear-ended a white Nissan Sedan which in turn struck a blue Honda Fit due the impact of the first collision.

The occupants of the Honda came off worse and had to be airlifted to Reno by CareFlight medical helicopter. The toddler was in the Honda. As per truck accident investigators working for the National Highway Patrol, all parties involved in this lethal truck accident were restrained by seatbelts.

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