Phoenix, AZ – When a truck driver gets behind the wheel of their vehicle to transport goods across Arizona and into other parts of the country, there is always the risk of an accident. When another driver is hurt because of the negligence of a truck driver and their company, they have the option of bringing a civil case to help pay for all of their losses that were caused by the driver’s actions. 

The creation of regulations for large trucks

Truck drivers are subject to a number of different regulations from the government to minimize the possibility of collisions, cargo spills, and other kinds of accidents. All drivers need to possess a commercial driver’s license which requires a basic skills test and knowledge assessment. The company that hires the driver will often check the driver’s background as well, to ensure that they do not have a history of accidents, traffic violations, or other problems while working or driving. 

Local bodies that govern trucking regulations

In Arizona, the state’s department of transportation, local police departments, and individuals within the trucking industry work to develop safety guidelines and enforce them as necessary. This is especially true for vehicles that are oversized or carry loads in excess of standard weight limits. A statute was passed in the state to create a special over-dimensional permit council that oversees these matters. The statute also gives the council the authority to issue permits as necessary for businesses that need to apply for special permission to transport various goods or use non-standard vehicles. 

Regulations for non-standard vehicles

The maximum length of a truck or other commercial vehicle is 65 feet. Anything beyond this length requires special permits to be secured before the shipment can be made. Overhangs may extend three feet beyond the front of the vehicle or six feet behind. The vehicle can be as heavy as 80,000 pounds with dimensions of 8 feet and six inches wide plus 14 feet of height on interstate highways. 

Violations that result in collisions

If a truck driver or trucking company violated these guidelines or broke traffic laws when they caused an accident, it may be possible for an injury attorney to use this evidence on the plaintiff’s behalf. In any civil case, violations of relevant safety guidelines or standards of care is generally used as evidence of negligence, which can conclusively show that the duty of care was breached in the particular situation. 

Finding out if a lawsuit is necessary

There are attorneys who focus on truck accident cases and related issues in the Phoenix area. Southwest Injury Law has dedicated lawyers who are available to assist clients with professional representation throughout the course of a lawsuit.  

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