Commercial vehicle owners may be legally responsible for any damage caused by their drivers. The company that owns a truck which is used for commercial purposes is usually sued rather than an individual if the driver is found to be negligent.  

A stolen tow truck caused large amounts of property damage and injured one person in the Philadelphia area.

Driver hits several vehicles then runs away

Police believe that the truck was initially stolen from the Mayfair neighborhood. The incident happened on a Sunday night near the 4100 block of Princeton Ave at 11 pm. The driver who took control of the truck struck a van and four other parked cars. The impact from one of the collisions sent a vehicle onto a lawn of a house nearby. After these collisions, police believe that the driver went a few more blocks, then abandoned the vehicle and ran away on foot. He had not been caught at the time of the news report.

The van that was damaged did have a driver inside, and he needed to be taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The victim appeared to be in stable condition. There was no known motive for the crime and police plan to conduct a more thorough investigation while looking for the suspect. 

Is the tow truck company responsible?

As a general rule, a business or individual will not be held responsible for intervening criminal acts unless they were foreseeable. In this situation, it would be beneficial to know what was happening in the moments before the vehicle was stolen. If it was left running or otherwise left in a manner in which it was likely to be taken, the company or the driver may be responsible for some of the damages. Because situations like this are highly contingent on the facts surrounding the incident, it is always important to get legal advice before committing to any course of action. 

How will the damage be paid for?

Most of the drivers likely have insurance that will pay for incidents such as collisions, theft, or other damage caused by crime and vandalism. However, it may be possible to bring a civil lawsuit in addition to any criminal charges brought by the state. A civil case is usually the best way for a victim to get paid after any incident that results in significant damage to property or injuries that require expensive medical treatment. Depending on the severity of the accident, the victim may receive a large amount of compensation to cover various kinds of losses.  

Talk to a truck accident attorney in Pennsylvania

There are lawyers who serve clients throughout the state with legal advice and representation. They can discuss the possibility of a lawsuit during an initial consultation regarding your accident. To learn more, use the directory on

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