When truck drivers have to work long hours and drive long distances, they put their own lives and the lives of others in danger. After a fatal accident, the family of the driver can attempt to collect damages from their employer, and other victims may also be able to file lawsuits against the same company.

A tow truck driver died after crashing into a home in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. The accident also caused damage to the front of a home nearby.

Truck driver dies while returning from picking up a disabled vehicle

The incident occurred late on a Monday night near the 400 block of Wisconsin Ave. Local police believe the driver had left a job on Glacier Road and was heading back to his employer’s location at College Ave with a disabled vehicle on the bed. When the trucker was heading eastbound on West Wisconsin Ave, he lost control and went off of the road. About four yards away from where the vehicle left the road, it made contact with the front of a home. When police and emergency crews arrived, the tow truck driver was already dead from the impact, but no one inside the home or on the road was injured.

An autopsy is pending, but police believe the driver may have had some kind of medical condition that caused him to lose control of the truck. The name of the victim was not released and the accident will be investigated further.

Employer liability

A general rule that is very important for most trucking accidents is that an employer will be liable for the actions of their drivers while they are working. Many companies that have large numbers of trucks or fleets of vehicles working at any given time purchase separate business insurance policies that cover these kinds of situations. In an incident like the story above, both the family of the deceased driver and the homeowner who experienced property damage will have separate cases against the tow truck company.

Paying for property damage

The damaged home may require hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Depending on their insurance policy, this may not be covered by standard homeowners insurance and it will be necessary to file a lawsuit. Estimates for repairs from contractors can be used as evidence and provided to a lawyer before the case is filed. There may also be additional damages available if the people inside experienced any kind of trauma due to the sudden accident.

Wrongful death actions against employers

When someone dies while they are working, certain family members can file a lawsuit on their behalf against the employer. This type of case is called a wrongful death lawsuit.

This is especially true if the employer was responsible for faulty equipment, improper procedures, or anything abnormal or illegal that may have contributed to the death.

Talk to a local lawyer in the Pewaukee area

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