Trucks, truck operators, truck drivers, and truck accidents are unlike other auto accidents in the sense that they are bound by the same auto laws as other vehicles such as a car or a motorcycle. South Carolina, like every other state, has a special set of laws governing the safe and secure operations of trucks.

Furthermore, irrespective of which state the truck is operating in or the trucking company is based out of, trucking operations are also subjected to federal laws that have been drafted and enforced by the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

State and Federal trucking laws – why you should hire a truck accident attorney

Therefore, when suing a negligent trucking company or truck driver with an intention to recuperate both economic and non-economic damages, it is vital that you have an experienced South Carolina truck accident lawyer on your side. Truck accident laws are complex especially when it comes to proving fault and filing personal injury or product liability lawsuits. You think you are Optimus Prime when it comes to the law just because you read a few legal articles and watched Breaking Bad? You are not. You need legal help and this is where you can find it:

It takes the experience and acumen of a legal pro who is a specialist in trucking laws to prove the negligence of a trucking company and successfully win a personal injury case. The stakes are high for any type of Orangeburg truck accident lawyers.

Common causes of truck accidents

Trucks are large, heavy vehicles that not only require certain expertise to maneuver but also require the undivided attention of the driver at all times in addition to a highly competent maintenance team that conducts inspections and servicing in a timely and professional manner. Unfortunately, this is not always what transpires when there are dead lines to meet and payloads to deliver.

According to Orangeburg, SC truck accident attorneys, these are some of the most common causes of truck accidents:

Maintenance issues: it happens all too often when for the sake of business and deliverables, routine service checkups are compromised which leads to mechanical failures that cause catastrophic truck accidents. – this is where you should go if you have been in a truck accident and have been using an Orangeburg South Carolina truck accident lawyer. Ask your lawyer about this after clicking on this site. This page offers some salient information for someone in your position. 

Driver fatigue: Both state and federal laws reiterate that truck drivers require ample of rest and set limits on the number of hours they can continuously operate for. Very often, this law is violated, which results in tired drivers causing accidents that are at times fatal and they then need a priest and a Orangeburg truck accident lawyer to speak too.

Impaired driving: Needless to say, it is not a prudent idea to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that can weigh hundreds of even thousands of tons while being drunk or under the influence of other substances.

Improper loading: Often, trucks are over loaded or improperly loaded. This has a huge effect on the center of gravity and the center of pressure of the vehicle which makes it extremely difficult and almost impossible in some cases to maneuver the truck. It also increases the braking distance significantly.

Truck accident lawyers are well aware of these common causes and know how to look for them in a truck accident case. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident it is prudent to seek help from a legal representative right away.