Truck AccidentHighland Beach, FL- An early morning accident in the Everglades left two people dead and one person suffering serious injuries.

The Palm Beach Post reports that the accident occurred around 4:30 a.m. on a poorly lit stretch of State Road 80. According to reports, a Mazda was attempting to make a left turn when it was T-boned by a tractor-trailer. After striking the Mazda and overturning, the tractor-trailer crossed the center median and struck a second tractor-trailer.

The driver of the Mazda along with the driver of the first tractor-trailer died at the scene. The driver of the second tractor-trailer survived the crash even though the cab of his truck caught fire.

The Florida Highway Patrol told the Post that they suspected the driver of the Mazda failed to see the oncoming tractor-trailer before making the turn.

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