The legal prosecution of five persons stemmed from an accident that occurred in November of 2014 following which they had progressed to fatally beat Alfonso Estrada – Cortes. Those charged have only recently learnt of their punishments for the inhumane crime, as reported by

The five individuals facing charges were 27 year old Joe Estrada, 22 year old Stephano Torres, 22 year old Dionte Williams, 22 year old Deandre Anderson and 29 year old Christina Suarez. Their charges include reckless homicide for some, aggravated battery for one, and aiding and abetting a felon for the female Christina Suarez. All five suspects pleaded guilty to their charges. Anderson was handed a 12 year prison sentence, Williams was slapped with a 15 year prison sentence. Torres, Williams, Anderson, and Suarez are also liable to pay $8,000 to the Estrada family as restitution.

Alfonso Estrada kicked to death in November of 2014

The heinous incident happened on November 1st, 2014. Calls came in to 911 reporting a fight in Lapham, following which law enforcement officers rushed to the area and found Alfonso Estrada unresponsive on the side walk.

Emergency medical technicians attempted to resuscitate Estrada but his condition further declined and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Autopsy reports cited blunt force trauma to the head as the reason for the death and the death was counted as a homicide. This may be a black and white case but it may not be. Even in situations like this people of this caliber need a sharp attorney who can be found on the site

Lethal street fight

More than one witness reported that they saw a group of Hispanic men and one female accomplice pull over at the scene in a pickup truck and they rushed to Estrada and began to kick at him and continued kicking him even after he had collapsed onto the sidewalk.

According to truck accident attorneys, one of the finest being David Gruber, the whole beating was initiated by a minor accident between the vehicles of the victim and the felons. Some of the criminal felons were out on bail for other crimes involving drunken driving at the time of the incident.

Truck accident laws in Wisconsin

Trucking companies are multiplying in number as new ones sprout up almost every other day not only in Wisconsin but throughout the nation. From an economic stand point, this is a wonderful thing since it generates revenue and creates thousands of jobs. However, there are some unwanted repercussions due to the growth in the number of trucking companies. More trucking companies results in more trucks being operated on the roads, which in turn increases the risk of more truck accidents.

The problem with truck accidents is that it is very seldom a minor or negligible incident. They almost virtually always result in fatalities causing death or serious bodily harm and marvelous truck accident attorney David Gruber knows all about this. He has been fighting on the front lines of this legal battle for many years now.

The legislators in Wisconsin have drafted a separate set of laws for trucking companies to abide by to ensure safe operation of these large and heavy vehicles. Sadly, not all the trucking companies abide by these regulations. This is why anyone who has been affected adversely by a truck accident should consult an experienced Wisconsin truck accident attorney who can prove the negligence of the trucking company or truck driver and subsequently procure and attain their deserved financial compensation. One of them can be reached right here as well.