Tow TruckWashington County, PA- A Pennsylvania trucking company is facing a wrongful death suit for their involvement in February truck accident that left an Ohio woman dead.

In February, Sandra Maddamma, 50, was traveling along Interstate 71 outside Cleveland when she was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. The rear of her SUV was crushed and her vehicle was pushed into the rear of another vehicle.

Maddamma, who was wearing her seat belt, survived the initial impact but died the following day.

The suit alleges that driver Richard Radigan was negligent in the crash because he was following Maddamma’s car too closely. It also alleges that Radigan failed to maintain a safe speed, failed to be attentive and was not competent enough to be behind the wheel, according to

The wrong death suit names, Pennsylvania-based, Area Storage & Transfer, the company Radigan worker for and Penske Truck Leasing Co., the company that owned the truck. According to the suit, both companies destroyed evidence in order to conceal any mechanical problems the truck was experiencing.

The allegations contained in this suit are typical of truck accidents. Driver error and mechanical problems are two of the more common causes of fatal and injurious truck accidents. These actions cut lives short and leave people with life-shattering and costly injuries. Truck drivers and trucking companies should take safety seriously and make it their top priority. No one should lose their lives or suffer catastrophic injuries because a truck driver or trucking company cut corners and failed to properly maintain their vehicles. When a truck driver’s or trucking company’s negligence leads to a tragic truck crash, they are likely to be defendants in a personal injury or wrongful death suit.

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