Pennsylvania – November 19, 2020

The United States Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Administration announced in October 2018 that 2017 highway fatality numbers decreased from 2016 but still claimed over 34,247 lives, and combination trucks involved in fatal crashes increased by 5.8 percent. Truck accident attorneys can be of assistance when accidents result in catastrophic harm.

Insurance requirements related to truck size.

Pennsylvania and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have specific insurance requirements for semis. Carriers operating in Pennsylvania must ensure that trucks are within the maximum length, height, width, and axle limitations and meet requirements for bridge and weight laws. The discrepancy between large trucks and passenger vehicles is a major factor in the amount of damages caused in truck accidents, and if a truck is over the regulation sizes it may support a higher settlement for damages in a legal claim.  Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Truck vehicle size regulations in Pennsylvania include:

  • Height Limitations – the maximum height for any vehicle, including load, is 13 feet, 6 inches.
    Width Limitations – the maximum width of any vehicle is 102 inches (8 feet 6 inches).
  • Length Limitations – unless specifically addressed, the length limits are exclusive of the load overhang, retractable extensions used to support loads, and safety or energy conservation devices such as mirrors, turn signal lamps, hand holds, flexible fender extensions, and mud flaps.
  • Overhang – loads or retractable extensions on any vehicle may not extend more than four feet beyond the rear bumper, bed or body and should be marked with a red flag or red light, and are no more than three feet beyond the front bumper, bed or body of the vehicle carrying the load.
  • Axle Group Limitations – the maximum allowable weight for all individual axles and axle groups is limited by Pennsylvania statute.
  • Tire Limitations – the weight supported on a tire may not exceed 800 pounds per inch width of tire on any one wheel.

Post-accident activities.

Truck accident victims in Pennsylvania should:

  1. Check on the condition of the people involved in the accident,
  2. Call the police or emergency responders if needed,
  3. Get a written accident report,
  4. Remain at the accident scene,
  5. Exchange driver and insurance information,
  6. Get witness information,
  7. Call insurance company to set up a claim,
  8. Seek out medical treatment if necessary,
  9. Take pictures of the scene, and the vehicle damages,
  10. If the truck is a Commercial Vehicle, get State Trooper report,
  11. Do not make any statements regarding fault or liability at the scene,
  12. Call a truck accident attorney.

Seek legal counsel.

Contact a professional experienced accident attorney for a consultation, as they can research specific case facts and interpret trucking regulations, state, and federal law to support a case’s best outcome toward compensation for damages and injuries caused by the truck accident. Scanlon & Wojton will fight for an accident victim’s rights and are familiar with trucking industry regulations that will impact a case outcome.

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