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Pittsburgh, PA – A Pennsylvania State Trooper has died from injuries he sustained from a recent truck accident.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently reported that two Pennsylvania State Troopers were involved in a deadly collision with a garbage truck.

On the night of the truck accident, Pennsylvania State Troopers finished their work on a crash on Route 711, and then hit the road to finish the second half of their shift. Trooper Stewart drove the 2016 Ford Inceptor south on Route 711 in Ligonier, and was heading toward the intersection of Route 271.

Simultaneously, a McInchok Sanitation garbage truck driven by John Hissem pulled into the road just as the two troopers came around the bend. The two vehicles collided, with the troopers’ SUV crashing right into the driver’s side of the garbage truck.

While both troopers suffered injuries from the truck accident, Michael Stewart, age 26, was pronounced dead at the scene. This makes him the 98th member of the Pennsylvania Police to be killed in the line of duty, according to PennLive.

The other state trooper involved in the truck accident, Travis November, was airlifted to the Pittsburgh hospital with a concussion. He is expected to recover, although he is not expected to remember the crash.

When asked, the investigator on the case said it was too early to place blame for the truck crash, and that the investigation was currently still going on. Presently, the county coroner ruled the trooper’s death an accident.

Further reporting from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reveals that both airbags were deployed, and both troopers were wearing their seatbelt in the police SUV. They also suggested that the driver of the garbage truck could not see the patrol car when he made the left-hand turn.

The truck driver was not injured and has been fully cooperating with the Pennsylvania authorities. Representatives for McInchok Sanitation have declined to answer any questions regarding the truck accident.

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