Overturned truck in crash. Night Photo

Allentown, PA- As lawmakers in Congress are debating a $53 million transportation bill, one Pennsylvania lawmaker is fighting for motorist safety and is pushing back against provisions in the bill which could lead to road catastrophes.

It’s true a transportation bill needs to be passed, but the one lawmakers on Capitol Hill are discussing today has a number of provisions that will be a boon for the trucking industry. But it will come at the cost of you safety which one Pennsylvania lawmaker is working to protect.

Senator Bob Casey is urging lawmakers to drop a provision in the transportation bill that would allow larger and heavier trucks on the road by allowing truck drivers to haul two 33-foot trailers in tandem. That is in despite the fact that a double trailer increases crash risk for big rigs by 15 percent.

Currently, only 11 states allow trucking companies to double 33-foot trailers, but if the provision remains in the transportation bill, motorists could see these larger and more dangerous trucks on Pennsylvania.

“I believe bigger trucks on the road means the potential of more accidents and increased danger for children and families,” Sen. Casey said, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Sen. Casey told the paper the state’s terrain, inclement weather and crumbling bridges are an arguments against allowing these significantly larger trucks on Pennsylvania roads.

Data compiled by the Senator Casey’s office shows that the number of large truck crashes increased by 69 percent in 2014 over the previous years.

But Casey isn’t alone in his criticism of larger commercial trucks, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Troopers Coalition and National Sheriffs Association all reject twin 33s.

“The issue is not only the number of accidents but the severity of accidents that we’re concerned about,” William J. Kelly, president of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association told the Post-Gazette.

Lobbyists for the trucking industry have been pushing for these larger double trailers and other rollbacks in trucking safety for months. Fed-Ex the loudest voice behind the push for double 33s, says the provision would make roads safe by taking more trucks off the road. But what the law really does is put two large and heavy trailers in the hand of one driver, so it really just means less tractors on the road. Does that make you feel safer?

Along with allowing bigger trucks on the nation’s highway, the transportation bill also suspends federal fatigued driving rules. If this transportation bill passes lobbyists and their moneyed backers win and motorists lose.

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