Truck AccidentColumbus, GA- A truck accident can be just as shattering for a truck driver as a passenger vehicle motorist and they too can suffer severe injuries. Such is the case of one truck driver who was paralyzed after the brakes on his big rig failed and recently won a large settlement for his injuries.

After a two-week trail a court awarded Colin Lacy of Mobile $14 million for the injuries he sustained in a 2011 truck accident on I-10 in Niceville, Florida.

According to, a month before Lacy’s accident, Empire Truck Sales serviced the truck he would be driving to Florida on assignment, but they failed to attach a part called the lateral control bar. After noticing the truck and brakes were vibrating, he took it back to have it repaired correctly. But according to Lacy’s suit, Empire Truck Sales failed to make the necessary repairs, leading to the accident that would change Lacy’s life.

On July 14th, 2011, Lacy lost control of his truck, causing it to overturn. Lacy severed his spine and was left paralyzed and wheelchair bound by the accident, reported. He lost his livelihood and his attorneys said his settlement will be used to make his home handicap accessible.

Mechanical problems is one of the leading causes of truck accidents in the U.S. with brake problems being the most common. It can be nearly impossible for truck driver to avoid an accident if their brakes fail.

Drivers, trucking companies and truck repair shops have a duty to ensure all necessary repairs are completed and done properly so a truck is in good working order. Failing to conduct repairs as needed is negligent, meaning those entities that are derelict in their duties and ultimately responsible for compensating truck accident victims.

After a Georgia truck accident, victims and their loved ones have many things to consider. They must decide how to pursue their case and who to hold responsible. The smartest thing for a victim to do is to contact a truck accident attorney in their area so they can discuss the details of your crash and how to get the compensation they need.

The Georgia truck accident attorneys at USAttorneys strive to give each of their clients the individual attention their case deserves and will work tirelessly to provide you with the strongest injury claim possible. They will investigate, determine the cause and pinpoint the responsible parties so that you receive just compensation for all you have been force to endure.

Whether your accident is the result of a mechanical problem or driver negligence, you need someone capable of build a strong case on your side. Our team of truck accident attorneys will do everything in their power to get your and your loved fair compensation for your truck accident injuries. They understand the complexities of truck accidents and can give you the leverage you need to secure a generous settlement. Don’t wait to get the answers you need, contact an attorney immediately.