PA Truck Accident Lawyers Share Details from Accident that Left One Man Dead and Another Facing Criminal Charges

It was last year in April when Chengyang Yu,21, caused a fatal accident that left 77-year-old Walter Spangler of North Codorus Township dead. According to York Dispatch, Yu was driving in his 2017 Mazda 6 heading east on Edgecomb Avenue in Spring Garden Township when he crashed into Spangler’s 2003 Ford F-150. Spangler was heading north on Lancaster Avenue and as he approached Edgecomb Avenue with the right of way at the intersection, Yu failed to stop which is why he struck the truck. Yu hit the driver’s side of the vehicle causing it lose control, and flip until it was left resting on its roof.

When officials arrived on the scene, Spangler was pronounced dead. It was determined that Yu had violated the law and was charged with homicide by vehicle and many other traffic violations. After a collision reconstructionist team investigated the scene, they were able to determine that Yu was engaging in distracted driving and police reported that his GPS directions were already on his phone when they arrived.

After the evidence indicated that Yu had caused the accident because of his negligent behavior, charges were filed against him on March 25th and he was arraigned on them on March 27th. He was released from police custody on a $150,000 unsecured bail. This means that he would forfeit up to this amount in the event he failed to show up for the court proceedings in the future. His preliminary hearing was scheduled for April 10th at District Judge Jennifer J.P Clancy’s office. At the time the news source reported on the incident, Yu did not yet retain a PA defense attorney to represent him in the case. It might be in his best interest to do so, seeing that the surviving family could very well file a civil claim against him in an attempt to recover damages for their loved one’s death.


Can I file a lawsuit against a distracted driver who caused me to suffer an injury?


If you have been involved in a truck accident that was caused by a motorist who was driving distracted, you may be able to recover compensation for things like medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, lost wages, and more. You will need to prove that the driver was negligent in one way or another, and a criminal charge definitely is something that can help support your side of the case. For instance, if the driver was charged with crimes similar to Yu and was convicted, it would definitely help you and your family prove you were the victim of an accident that could have been prevented.

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