Orangeburg, SC-There are number of ways a large commercial truck can be a hazard to other motorists, but an incorrectly loaded or overweight truck considerably increases the risk of a life-threatening  accident.

Excessive weight affects numerous aspects of a truck’s operation and puts undue strain on mechanical parts crucial to safe operation, such as the brakes and tires. An overweight truck can be difficult to maneuver and make sudden stops. Add speed to the mix and an overweight tractor-trailer or other commercial truck can cause even more destruction.

All commercial trucks are designed to carry a maximum amount of weight, called the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The weight of commercial truck is calculated rating the axels, suspension, frame, powertrain and brakes. The designated amount a commercial truck is dictated by the federal and state government.

Although there are weigh stations on every interstate across the U.S., they are often closed and if a truck is overweight the driver is simply given a ticket and sent on their way. Even though an overweight truck is dangerous, they are rarely taken off the road.

When a truck accident occurs because a vehicle is in violation of weight restrictions, a South Carolina truck accident attorney will can hold both the driver and a trucking company accountable for any injuries or deaths that occur.

The following factors can cause a truck driver to lose control over an overweight or improperly loaded truck:

  • Increased speed going downhill
  • Longer distances needed for stopping
  • Less control over steering
  • Undue stress placed on mechanical components
  • Jack-knifing because of a shift in load


An overweight of improperly loaded truck can be difficult to control especially in adverse road conditions or heavy traffic. A truck that exceeds weight limits increases the risk of tire failure, a rollover crash, and the possibility that a driver will lose control of when changing lanes or making an abrupt turn. If the weight of a truck is not evenly distributed over the truck’s axel, the truck will be imbalanced and could roll-over or tip.

More than one party may be responsible when an accident results from an overloaded or improperly loaded truck. A truck driver is responsible for assuring their trucks don’t exceed the weight limits. But they are often on tight schedules and face pressure to make their deliveries in a timely fashion so they may be tempted to let it slide and get back on the road.

If a trucking company allows a truck on the road despite knowing their truck is not at a safe operating weight. Some companies ignore weight restrictions so they can get one delivery made and more onto the next one.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one because of an overweight or improperly loaded truck, an Orangeburg truck accident attorney will inform you of your rights and determine if you are entitled to compensation. Truck accident victims don’t have to struggle alone when they retain a truck accident attorney to work on their case.