DeKalb County, GA- A semi-truck that overturned on I-75 in Forsyth, south of Atlanta, Sunday morning created a sticky situation for first responders and motorists after spilling bees, hives and honey across the highway.

The accident took place just before dawn, at 5:30 a.m., in the southbound lanes of I-75. Initial reports indicate that a tire on the truck blew out and the driver lost control then overturned, spilling bees, hives and honey all over the roadway.

Two southbound lanes of the highway had to be closed for several hours so the broken hives and boxes could be removed from the road and stacked on the grass, the Macon Telegraph reported. Fire men on the scene sprayed water on the bees to calm them and beekeepers came to the scene to tray and retrieve what hives and bees they could.

Thankfully no one was injured, which can be unusual for truck accidents, but some of the bees were not so lucky.

A video captured by WMAZ shows people in bee suits collecting a piling the broken hives into trucks and hopefully the bees will follow since they tend to stay with their queen and hive.

This is not the first time a truck carrying bees has crashed on a highway. In 2011, a truck carrying 5 million bees crashed on a highway in St. George, Utah. That accident didn’t result in any injuries more serious than a fee bee stings.

The year before, in Idaho a tractor-trailer carrying 14million bees crashed and spilled a river of honey, Live Science. In that same year a truck carrying 17 million bees crashed and killed two people.

Because of colony collapse disorder, bees have been dying out at alarming rates so they are increasingly being transported on the nation’s highways in commercial trucks in order to help pollinate crops such as nuts, berries and fruits.

Thirty percent of America’s bee population has been lost to colony collapse disorder since 2006 which does not portend well for humans since bees are crucial to agriculture, and therefore the human race.

All the parties involved in this collision were fortunate that no one was seriously injured, though ,any truck accidents end with serious injuries and even death.

The major issue with this particular truck accident is the damage to goods and property. A large amount of honey, which goes for an average $12 per 16 ounces, was lost, and much of it will not be recovered. Also destroyed were the wooden boxes that housed the hives and a number of bees are in the wind.

The damages and injuries resulting from truck accidents cost upwards the billions each year. The different parties affected by a truck accident will need to recover their losses. A DeKalb County truck accident attorney will work to get those who are injured or who have suffered property damage the compensation they need to cover their medical care, and help them recoup their lost property.