Overweight or overloaded trucks can jackknife or overturn.

Overweight or overloaded trucks can jackknife or overturn.

Lake Charles, LA- In the hands of a capable driver, a semi, tanker or another commercial truck is safe, but sometimes they are overloaded and dangerous. Too much weight, a piece of cargo that is too big or a shifting load can become a hazard and potentially lead to a deadly collision. Here USAttorneys will discuss then hazards posed by overweight and oversized commercial truck accidents.

Commercial trucks are designed to carry an immense amount of weight, but in the interest of safety, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has limited the maximum weight of these vehicles to 80,000 lbs. That is referred to as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and is determined by the frame type, size, suspension, brakes and the number of axels a truck has. For the most part, truck drivers and trucking companies adhere the GVWR, but some people aren’t aware or concerned that their overweight or overloaded truck could lead to a devastating crash.

Why are overweight or oversized semis such a hazard?

A truck’s axles, braking system and tires, and other mechanical systems can fail under the strain of cargo that is too large or cumbersome. Too much weight can make a truck harder to handle or cause a tire to blow out setting the stage for a truck to jackknife or overturn.

A truck accident can result in catastrophic injuries.

Most trucks travel on highways and roadways with higher speed limits and the faster a truck is going, the harder it is to stop. Additional weight makes it even harder for a fast-traveling truck to stop, so it’s important commercial drivers and companies make certain the adhere to GVWR.

An improperly loaded truck is also a major hazard. Cargo that is too big or is not securely properly can come off an open bed. Cargo that isn’t loaded properly can shift and cause to truck to crash jackknife or crash.

Unfortunately, too many truck drivers and trucking companies don’t think of safety as seriously as they should, and their neglect can have unintended consequences. If you are in an accident caused overweight or overloaded loaded truck in Louisiana, it is a wise move to speak with a truck accident lawyer. You need to present a strong accident claim to ensure you recover the full amount of compensation you are entitled to for your injuries and other financial damages.

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