Mechanical failure and reckless driving are common causes of truck wrecks in New Orleans.

New Orleans, LA- Construction sites can be dangerous places for a number of reasons. There are often a lot of people and trucks coming and going and equipment being moved around. With all that activity, a truck accident can occur at any time and person can suffer catastrophic injuries.

Worker Seriously Injured in Dump Truck Accident in New Orleans

The accident occurred the expansion area of the Louis B Armstrong Airport. The New Orleans Advocate reports that a worker on the sight was using a portable toilet when it was hit by a dump truck.

Lt. Brian McGregor, the spokesman for the Kenner Police Department, told that the dump truck ran over the portable toilet, rolling it around under the truck with the victim inside.

The 28-year-old man in the portable toilet suffered severe injuries, including a collapsed lung. He was put in intensive care when arrived at the hospital, but he is expected to make a full recovery. reports that it was the injured man’s second day on the job.

So police have not cited the dump truck driver, and still investigating the incident.

What Are the Causes of Dump Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents like the one above can happen at any time and for any reason. In many instances, truck accidents occur because truck drivers and trucking companies aren’t prioritizing safety. The goal is to get the job done as quickly as possible, so corners get cut and sometimes that endangers others. Below three behaviors that can lead to deadly or injurious truck crashes:

Reckless driving- Traffic laws are developed to ensure motorists are safe as they travel through Arkansas. But so many motorists and truck drivers flout traffic laws by distracted driving, speeding, running a red light, tailgating, and drunken or drugged driving.

Neglecting maintenance and repairs- Dump trucks and other commercial vehicles are large and heavy, so they must be in good working order. Brakes need to be maintained and repaired, and any failing mechanics, parts or equipment need to be fixed or replaced. Mechanical failure is one of the leading causes of commercial truck crashes.

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If a critical component, such as the brakes, tires, wheels, or steering column fail while the vehicle is in motion and cause an accident, the truck owner can be held liable for any damages that result from the accident.

If you face any of the following accident expenses, contact a truck accident lawyer in New Orleans:

Emergency transport

Medical and surgical expenses

Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Auto or property repair

Funeral and burial costs

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