Pedestrian Warning SignPortland, OR- In an urban area, pedestrians, no matter how many precautions they take, are vulnerable to suffering injuries or death at the hands of a negligent motorist. Without the same protection, pedestrians are no match for a vehicle, especially if it is a large commercial truck. A recent Oregon accident demonstrates just how devastating a pedestrian vs. tractor-trailer collision can be for a victim and their family.

The Register-Guard reports that on Monday, Feb. 9th in Eugene, a 78 year-old woman was killed when she was struck by a tractor-trailer near the Civic Stadium. According to reports Ruth Ross was walking home from the YMCA when she was hit.

Ross was traveling on Oak Street when a truck driver, working for a local charity, pulled out of the civic center parking lot and struck her. The driver remained on the scene.

Police are still investigating the accident and have not issued any citations thus far.

In urban areas, like Portland, pedestrian accidents are fact of everyday life, some being more serious than others. For the state of Oregon, 19 percent of the 305 fatal accidents that occurred in 2012 involved a pedestrian. What’s more the Oregon Department of Transportation estimates that pedestrian accidents have increased by 51 percent over the past decade. Three out of four of these accidents occur in urban settings as opposed to rural areas.

Truck drivers don’t set out to cause an accident or cause harm to a pedestrian, but lacking the intention to harm another doesn’t absolve any motorist of their responsibility when an accident victim is hurt or killed. If a truck accident is serious, the victims will accumulate thousands of dollars in medical bills and other accident-related costs. Those costs are only made worse by the fact that many truck accident victims are unable to work and earn a living while they recover from their catastrophic accident.

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