As 72-year-old David Harp traveled through the Town of Montgomery on I-84 east in his Mack truck, he experienced what thousands of other drivers experience, a tire blowout. Unlike those who are able to maintain control over their vehicle when a tire blows out, Harp’s vehicle left the roadway on the right shoulder and traveled into a grassy area. The vehicle continued on for about 1,000 feet, struck a few trees, and finally came to rest in a wooded area.

The truck then became engulfed in flames. says that Maybrook and Montgomery fire departments arrived shortly after the incident to put the fire out. Sadly, Harp was pronounced dead at the scene. Police shared that an investigation was being conducted and encouraged witnesses to contact officials with any information they had. The source also said the incident, which occurred on June 24th was the second to occur on I-84 within a two-day timespan.


What are some common causes of tire blowouts?


While some tire blowouts can happen when a tire is punctured by sharp debris that is left in the road, others are caused by potholes or under or over-inflated tires. In some cases, a tire blowout might occur as a result of someone else’s negligence. This is often the case for large commercial trucks. You see, companies that utilize large commercial trucks often put a significant amount of wear and tear on these vehicles as they use them to transport goods from one location to the next on a day-to-day basis.

Now, because these trucks carry heavy loads and are used often, the company responsible for overseeing operations is expected to inspect the truck on a regular basis to ensure the tires, which bear all the weight of the truck and its load, are in good working condition. When these tires are not inspected or the party responsible for conducting the inspection allows the vehicle to make a trip knowing the tires are worn or defective, they or the company can be held liable if the defect causes an accident.


Were you or someone you know involved in a truck accident in Orange County, NY?


If you or a loved one were involved in a truck collision in Orange County, NY and believe another party was liable or partially liable for causing the incident, you need to discuss this with an experienced Orange County, NY truck accident lawyer. can help you locate a truck accident attorney in your city now who is qualified to explain what your next steps should be. Because truck accident cases tend to be more complex than those involving a passenger vehicle, it is especially important that you retain a truck crash lawyer in Orange County, NY if you are considering taking legal action against the negligent party who caused the accident.

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