(Orange County, CA) – November 29th, 2016 – Truck accident cases need to be handled differently from other auto accident cases since they are subjected to exclusive trucking laws and not the state’s regular traffic or auto laws.

Trucking laws may vary from one state to the other and also, there is an additional layer of federal trucking laws which truck operators and trucking companies will also need to abide by. Therefore it is crucial that you if are hurt in a truck accident that you seek legal counsel as early as possible. There are several facets to a trucking accident lawsuit which will need professional expertise.

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Determining the list of defendants

As per leading Orange, CA truck accident lawyers, it is not only the truck driver or the trucking company that can be sued for causing a negligent truck accident. Depending on what exactly transpired in the accident, several other parties may be held liable. For instance, the truck manufacturer, the truck insurer, the truck owner, truck parts manufacturer, service engineers, truck lessor, and so forth are also potential defendants.

If you fail to list all of the defendants in your lawsuit, then you ought to be aware that even though you are successful in proving your lawsuit and the claims within it, you will only receive partial compensation.

Now if you want to see someone who only received so much money but was expecting more just watch the movie Friday with Chris Tucker who plays Smokey. In that movie, Smokey was told to go buy a pack of cigarettes but was only given $1. Even though this was in 1995, a pack of cigarettes cost most than $1. Smokey was told to make do with what he was given; he was only partially compensated for what he was expected to do or spend.

Now in a truck accident you want to sue everyone that can be possibly be sued since if you do not you will not be given or earn the right amount since the people you do sue are not going to pay you anymore to make up for your flawed or incomplete lawsuit.

Therefore, it is imperative that you consult a legal pro to determine exactly who is responsible for your truck accident and how you can go about filing a lawsuit and winning compensatory damages. Most importantly, your legal team will be able to identify the liable parties based on evidence collected from various sources including the accident investigator’s report, the trucking company’s maintenance and drivers’ logs, and the list continues.

Settling a truck accident lawsuit out of court

California truck accident attorneys point out that just like car accidents, most truck accident cases are settled outside of court. An out of court settlement can be beneficial for both the plaintiff and the defendant because a case that goes to trial may take a very long time to reach a resolution.

Furthermore, a trial case may be an expensive affair which will only get costlier the longer it goes on. Therefore it will require time, money, and effort from both sides. However, an out of court settlement is cheaper, quicker, and saves both the plaintiff and defendant a lot of resources and time.

Receiving a fair out of court settlement can be challenging, say Orange, CA truck accident lawyers. An accident insurance adjustor will likely try to coax you into accepting a settlement well below your expectations.

To be able to negotiate effectively with an insurance adjustor, you will first need to understand exactly how much your claim is worth. A legal professional can help estimate the worth of your claim, which you can use as a reference during negotiations. This is why we suggest that you waste no time in reaching out to a remarkable California truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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