CALIFORNIA – October 20, 2020

A 71-year-old Los Angeles man was lost his life in an SUV rollover crash on Interstate 5 near the San Onofre nuclear power plant. The accident resulted in the fatal victim’s wife and son sustaining moderate injuries, and both were taken to Scripps La Jolla Hospital.  The 43-year-old Los Angeles resident who was the victim’s son, was driving a 2002 Ford Explorer that, for unknown reasons, crashed and overturned several times, CHP Officer Mark Latulippe said. The driver’s father, whose name was not immediately released, was ejected from the SUV, and died at the scene before the arrival of a medical helicopter that had been requested to airlift him to a hospital. Intoxication was not believed to have been a factor in the crash. After a crash involving fatality, an experienced car accident attorney can be of assistance in guiding surviving family members through interactions with the insurance company to pay for immediate expenses related to funeral and burial.


Under California law, everyone is responsible, not only for the result of their own willful acts, but also for an injury, or wrongful death occurrence during the course of ordinary care. This means that if a driver is responsible for any part of activities that led to injury, or wrongful death, the compensation will be adjusted in accordance with the assignment of  fault to each driver.  An experienced attorney can file accidental death claims with insurance companies, or initiate a wrongful death legal action within California’s two year statute of limitations.

Damage compensation.

California motor vehicle accident injuries are at the root of legal action in pursuit of economic, and non-economic damages.  Consult with a personal injury lawyer who can explain California Civil Code 3294 allowing a jury to award punitive damages in certain cases.

  • Economic damages include present and future loss of earnings, medical bills, future medical care, household expenses, and
  • Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of consortium or companionship.
  • Punitive damages are considered under California law and are based on occasions where an individual’s actions were reckless, intention, egregious and harmful and caused the injury.
  • Accidental death benefit claims under an insured’s policy.

Hire an attorney.

An experienced accident attorney can assist with insurance settlements after a loved one is injured, or killed in a car accident near San Diego California.  Seek counsel at Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates immediately after a car accident causes loss due to wrongful, or accidental death.


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