Truck AccidentTulsa, OK-An Oklahoma truck driver was sentenced this month for causing a meth-fueled truck accident that left two women seriously injured.

On March 5th, a judge sentence 52-year-old Lee Andrew Williams to 10 year in jail after emotional testimony from two women he seriously injured, the Elko Daily reported.

Williams was driving on U.S. 93 north of Wells in June of 2010 when he rear-ended a pickup truck hauling a trailer. Traffic had slowed for a traffic signal at an animal crossing area due to construction when the accident occurred.

Upon impact, the pickup truck was pushed into a Jeep and then went plunging 30 feet down an embankment. The truck’s occupants, Diane Griswold and Connie Stelly, suffered serious injuries and told the court during Williams’ criminal hearing that they continue to suffer because of their injuries.

Stelly, a school teacher, said she has to quit her  job because she can’t remember her student’s names. And Griswold testified that she can no longer do farm work because of the accident, according to the Elko Daily.

The occupants of the Jeep did not suffer serious injuries.

Police suspected Williams was intoxicated at the time of the accident and he performed poorly in sobriety tests, but he had not been drinking. During an investigation of the accident, police found needles, a drug pipe and bags of methamphetamines in William’s truck.

Williams pleaded guilty to DUI causing significant bodily harm, and expressed remorse for the accident and apologized to his victims in his sentencing trail. Even so, a judge sentenced him to serve 4 to 10 years in jail for his role in the accident.

In reality, a passenger vehicle motorist is more likely to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol than a truck driver. But as this Oklahoma truck accident shows that although it is rare, truck drivers do get behind the wheel when they are drunk or high on drugs and cause fatal or injurious accidents. 

Our team of Oklahoma truck accident attorneys know first-hand the destruction a serious commercial truck accident can cause. That is why they strive to give their clients superior representation and work tirelessly to secure a generous settlement for their injuries or lost loved one.

Federal law strictly forbids truck drivers from having any alcohol or drugs in their system when they are on duty. It’s illegal for any motorist to drive under the influence, but the consequences are far more severe for a truck driver. Not only can they lose their commercial driver’s license, but they also face legal consequences which can include criminal charges and civil suits. The company they work for could also be held liable.

A drunken driving accident is especially hard on the victims and their family because it could have been easily prevented if a truck driver simply considered the harm they could cause. There is no excuse for driving under the influence, and our team of Oklahoma truck accident attorneys will do everything in their power ensure a truck driver pays for their egregious actions and generously compensates their victims.

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