Antlers, OK- Semi-truck accidents are notoriously dangerous and data shows that these accidents are twice deadly as automobile collisions as a recent Oklahoma accidents show.

On July 1st, two people were killed in Love County when the SUV they were riding in slammed into the trailer of a semi-truck. According to News on 6, the driver of the SUV was traveling at a high rate of speed and was reckless when they slammed into the tractor of a semi-truck on Interstate 35.

Both the driver and a passenger, whose identities have not been releases, were killed on impact. The semi-truck driver was not injured, unlike the three victims of another truck accident which occurred in late June, just days before this accident.

On June 26, three people were killed in when two semi-trucks collided in Pushmataha County. This accident involved two semi-trucks that were both traveling in the northbound lanes of the Indian Nation Turnpike. According to authorities, the first semi-truck was attempting to make a U-turn using a maintenance cross-over when it was struck by a second semi-truck.

Police said, the second semi-truck was unable to stop in time to avoid a collision and consequentially all three occupants of the two trucks were killed.

Aside from involving semi-trucks, these two accidents share other things in common. First, they both resulted in fatalities. And, secondly, both were caused by one driver’s negligence. In the case of the first accident, speed was a known factor in the crash. As for the second accident, it might be safe to assume the driver was going pretty fast if they were unable to stop for the other truck.

Speed can be dangerous no matter what types of a vehicle a person is driving, that’s why there’s a speed limit in the first place.  A speeding tractor-trailer, however, is much harder to stop and much more dangerous than an automobile. These large trucks can cause massive damage to life and property when they are involved in speeding accident.

Losing a loved one is any type of accident is devastating, but it can be much harder on a family when they their loss was preventable. People are understandably angry when the death of someone they care about was caused by the reckless actions of another. They want justice for deceased loved ones need compensation to cover the expenses they accrued because of a careless driver. There are many ways to go about getting compensation which depends on the individual circumstances of your case.

When you retain an Oklahoma semi-truck accident attorney, you can relax knowing that someone is standing by your side, fighting for what is right. Because they regularly work with people who suffer a range of personal injuries, a truck accident attorney knows what the financial and emotional impact an accident victim’s injuries will have on their lives and their future. You can have the confidence that your attorney will aggressively advocate for your rights and won’t allow you to be given a smaller settlement than you deserve.