The state’s highway patrol and fire department was engaged in rescuing cattle on a down town Tulsa Highway after a truck crashed and fell over to its side. The accident has resulted in Oklahoma State Patrol authorities closing down the highway for public use as emergency responders worked on containing a diesel leak, according to

According to police reports, the semi-tractor-trailer was transporting over 100 cattle. Several of them were injured and some were even killed. Responders have built a makeshift fence containment in the area to secure the rescued cattle before they can put them in other stock trailers and transport them accordingly. The driver of the cattle truck has not sustained any injuries.

19 year old teenage girl dies after collision with box truck

A 19 year old teenager from Barnsdall passed away in an accident that occurred in Osage County, as reported by newson6.coim. The decedent has been identified as Caitlan Diane Doty. According to investigators, she was driving a Hyundai Sonata which crashed into a box truck on Oklahoma Highway 11. The box truck driver has been listed in police reports as 23 year old Nicole Parker.

The Sonata was travelling southbound on County Road 2561 while the box truck was headed west on Highway 11 when Doty had a lapse in judgment and turned east onto highway 11 without yielding to a stop sign. Unfortunately for her, she was hit head on by the box truck.

No seat belt

Emergency medical technicians rushed to the scene but Doty had succumbed to her injuries by then. Parker was rushed to a hospital for treatment of fractures to her wrist bone and other injuries. Investigators also revealed that Doty had not donned her seat belt at the time of the impact.

Truck accident laws – Oklahoma

Truck accidents are different from other auto accidents in many ways. To begin with, truck accidents are almost always fatal for the person hit by the truck, considering the sheer size and weight of some of the rigs operating on Oklahoma roads. Secondly, truck operators and truck drivers are subjected to a separate and specialized set of laws exclusively meant for them to abide by.

Furthermore, trucking companies are proving to be incessantly negligent on the roads and often fail to maintain their vehicles. To make things worse, they also deny liability when asked to pay for damages. This is why it is important for anyone affected by a negligent truck accident to consult a qualified and experienced Tulsa truck accident attorney who is familiar with the trucking laws and will be able to hold the negligent parties responsible.

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Often, truck drivers are overworked, fatigued, and at times found to be driving under the influence of drugs. Trucking companies also cut corners to save costs and end up neglecting regulations laid down by law, which ultimately leads to tragic accidents on the road. Sensational Tulsa truck accident attorneys are well aware of this and know how to prove it in a court of law.