Vehicles that are used to transport raw materials and goods over long distances are always in danger of getting into an accident and causing large scale losses. 

Police in Columbus, Ohio responded to an incident where a gravel truck flipped over and spilled debris all over the highway. 

Interstate was blocked for hours as crews cleared spilled gravel

The accident happened near Interstate 270 westbound at the Schrock Road exit, near the Interstate 71 interchange. The Ohio Department of Transportation said that emergency crews had to respond to the area to shut down the roads and clean a large amount of spilled gravel from an overturned truck. Columbus police said that they received a call at around 8:00 am that morning to tend to an accident scene near Cleveland Avenue. The news report did not mention the name of the company that owned the gravel truck. 

No serious injuries were reported and the department of transportation issued an update that the roads were reopened several hours later. Law enforcement in Columbus planned to conduct a full investigation to determine the cause of the accident. 

Lawsuits to pay for property damage and injuries

After any kind of accident involving a car or truck, the people affected can potentially sue the driver responsible for their losses. In situations such as the news story above, the truck driver may sue the person at fault for vehicle damage and lost cargo. If there are injuries or deaths involved, the victims may bring a case to pay for medical and hospital expenses, lost wages, and other expenses that are related to the collision. An attorney who focuses on these kinds of cases can explain the process for bringing such a case and the possible value of your lawsuit. 

Securing a load of goods on a truck or commercial transportation vehicle

All states have some kind of laws or regulations that say a vehicle must properly secure any load of goods or materials that is transported on the government’s roads. This was done because any kind of debris or large objects on the road surface can create a serious hazard. 

Drivers who violate this law may receive a citation for traveling with an unsecured load. Some states will also add criminal penalties if the unsecured load is the cause of injuries or an accident. Ohio law gives a specific provision where any kind of hazardous waste or flammable materials must be covered while the vehicle is driving on the highway to prevent exposure to others in the area. 

Talk to a local truck accident attorney in Ohio

There are lawyers in your state who can speak with you after an accident and outline a plan of action for a lawsuit or other remedies. To learn more about this process, look through the listings on to find a professional near you. 

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