Corpus Christi, TX- There are a lot of risky behaviors that the motorists and truck drivers engage in on a daily basis. Driving while intoxicated or fatigued rank high among those dangerous driving habits, but in the digital age there is a bigger danger that is increasingly becoming a problem on the nation’s roads: distracted driving.

Over the past two months there have two major truck accidents that highlight the dangers distractions behind the wheel.

An East Texas accident in early November injured at least 7 children as they were headed to school. The accident occurred in Kirbyville when a bus loaded with 56 students was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. Seven students were injured badly enough they had to be taken to a local hospital for

The bus has come to a complete stop to allow a student on when it was struck by the Freightliner. Fortunately, some of the impact of the crash was minimized because truck driver veered to the left just moments before the collision, avoiding a direct hit to the rear of the bus.

Police later charged the driver with felony injury to a child and if convicted the driver faces two years in jail.

The second accident didn’t happen in Texas, but it killed four members of the North Texas Community College women’s softball team.

This particular accident occurred in Oklahoma on September 26th as the team was traveling along I-35 in Davis. According to reports, the driver of a tractor-trailer lost control of his rig and drifted into the path of the team’s bus. The bus was struck on the driver’s side, leaving four women dead and twelve others suffering a range of injuries.

The driver later told police he was distracted by something in the cab of his truck. During the course of their investigation, police found a marijuana pipe and prescription drugs in the truck cab. Police noted in their report that the driver did not appear to be intoxicated, but he underwent chemical tests as the laws require when a fatality is involved.

The National Safety Council estimates that 1.6 million of traffic accidents each year are caused by distracted drivers and the primary distraction in 2014 is the cell phone. These portable devices allow us to be connected almost anywhere, even behind the wheel of a car and many people find it hard to resist the temptation to take that phone call, send that text or check their email or social media. Cell phones are, however, not the only distraction for drivers. Eating, drinking, looking at a GPS device and even a car stereo can distract a driver long enough to cause a serious accident. 

Both of these accidents demonstrate the risk a distracted truck driver poses to the motorists. If you have had the misfortune of being injured in a truck accident or lost a loved one because of an accident, you will decisions you need to make about your injury claim. You have to right to seek compensation for your pain and suffering. When you want to secure a fair settlement you can look to a Corpus Christi truck accident attorney be stand your side and advocate for your rights.